I am so sick of Jim Martin’s commercials. (Jim Martin(D) is running against incumbent Saxby Chambliss(R) for US Senate here in Georgia.)

Here’s one of the commercials against Saxby Chambliss. Several of the commercials against Chambliss mention a 23% national sales tax that Chambliss supports. Well, yeah, he does support a 23% national sales tax. It’s the Fair Tax (which I support). Naturally, I have several problems with Democrats and Martin using the Fair Tax against Chambliss.

The commercials say that the Fair Tax would cause people to pay more for groceries. That’s not completely true. Sure, people would pay 23% taxes for groceries in the store. But before a person ever pays for groceries (or the taxes), that person would receive a prebate equal to the amount of money they would be expected to pay for grocery taxes.  So, in essence, there will be no grocery taxes (or taxes on essential items like clothes, for that matter).

The commercials make it seem like the Fair Tax would be enacted on top of income tax. That is not at all true. The Fair Tax legislation would abolish the IRS. The Fair Tax is intended to replace the IRS as the primary means of funding the federal government. It will not be enacted on top of the income tax. That runs counter to the purpose of the Fair Tax.

The Americans for Fair Taxation (the main people behind the Fair Tax) have a Hall of Shame up with Martin featured prominentlyas someone who has lied about the Fair Tax. I love the Pinocchio nose. That is hilarious.

Oh, and how does the Fair Tax stack up against the Messiah’s the the Old Guy’s tax plans? Here you go.

LATER: Dear God. I just answered the phone; it was one of those automatic robocalls against Chambliss. At the same time, that stupid anti-Fair Tax/anti-Chambliss commercial was playing on the TV. At. The. Same. Time.  Oy!