Blizzard Blog 2009

Looks like our little pre-Spring is over. Today we had snow showers.

My father braved the wilds of  Wal-Mart this afternoon. And yes, people were grabbing all the water, milk, bread, and toilet paper they could handle. If it weren’t Sunday, they’d have grabbed all the beer, too.

(Georgia is dry on Sundays. I’m fairly sure that includes beer. I could be wrong.)

I would have taken a picture of the winter slush for your winter weather porn pleasure, but I slept through it all. Alas. We’re due to get round 2 of the snow showers tonight, so maybe we’ll get enough to show up on a camera later. We’ll see.

Blizzard Blog 2009

Snow! We have snow!

As usual, you can’t see it in any picture I’ve taken, so no pictures will be posted here. It just looks like the picture is pixilated. And also as usual, the snow melts long before it hits the ground. So I guess I should call it “flurries” instead of  “snow.”

Still, it’s snowing!

LATER: What is it about snow that makes me feel like a 10 year old?

LITTLE LATER: No wonder Wal-Mart was crowded this afternoon.

LITTLE MORE LATER: I expect all the local grocery stores to be sold out of water, milk, bread, toilet paper and beer soon. I await school closing information.

Blizzard Blog 2008

It’s snowing.

It’s not going to stick at all. And there are such small flakes that my camera can’t even pick them up. But still, it’s snowing! Rest assured, my little southern heart is shrieking madly like a five-year-old on a big-girl roller-coaster at Six Flags.

I give it an hour, tops, before the local supermarkets are emptied of water, milk, bread, beer, and toilet paper. Never say Southerners can’t prioritize in emergencies.

And yes, I will once again live blog the blizzard. Stay tuned. I’m sure something very exciting will happen very shortly concerning this unexpected blizzard.

[And yes, I tend to dramatize snow when we get it. If you’ve ever been in Georgia when a portion of the state gets some winter weather, you’d understand why.]

UPDATE 8:25AM: Still snowing.

UPDATE 8:30AM: When will this monstrous storm ever stop? Gloom! Dispair! And agony on me!

Blizzard Blog 2008

So. We have snow. A lot of it. For proof, I offer the following picture.

Snow 1

What? You don’t see the snow? It’s right there. Maybe the flakes will show up better when it gets dark.

I’ll be liveblogging the snow tonight. Well, I’ll try. No promises if the power goes out.

I was at Wal-Mart earlier today (no, not to get snow supplies – to get toothpaste and frozen egg rolls). The place didn’t have much milk, bread, toilet paper, or beer. Never say Georgians don’t have priorities.

UPDATE 5:30PM: I expect school to be cancelled any minute.

UPDATE 5:31PM: See? See? Snow. (It’s those white-ish streaks.)

Snow 2

Is it sticking? I can’t tell.

UPDATE 6:30PM: It’s sticking! We have at least less than a quarter inch of snow covering the grass right now. We might have to call in the National Guard to dig us out. I am now worried about having enough toilet paper to last the entire time we’re stuck at home because of this monster storm.

UPDATE 6:35PM: See? Churches have already started cancelling events for tonight. School closings won’t be far behind for tomorrow. [Dammit. I hate my neighbors’ kids. I hope they won’t be home all day tomorrow; they are noisy little hellions.]

UPDATE 6:44PM: Even Jason has snow.