The Princess Bride Attacks!

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately that I have no business watching. I never realized that there were so many shows that focused on weddings and babies. Since I have no immediate plans for either, I have no idea why I’ve been watching this junk.

WeTV has this show about weddings called Platinum Weddings that showcases obscenely expensive weddings. Why anyone would spend upwards of a million dollars on what is essentially one big party is beyond me. And the people who have these weddings are ridiculously normal.

Sure, if you’re a Hilton or a Trump or a Celine Dion, I could see you having a wedding that costs $2.5 million or so. But the people on these shows are everyday schmoes living in efficiency apartments, driving Civics, and working at Starbucks. I guess it pays to have a wealthy Papa. Though, why anyone would want that wealthy Papa to spend that much money on a wedding instead of, say, a house or college or something is also beyond me. Maybe they do both.

Then there’s this other wedding show called Bridezillas about brides who are completely out of control. Never in the history of mankind have so many selfish, loud, dimwitted women worn so many Bedazzled velour hoodie lounge sets declaring themselves Princesses. It’s enough to put a woman off of rhinestones for life.

You’ll find fewer self-proclaimed Princesses at the Disney store than you’ll find foaming around the mounth in front of the Bridezillas cameras. Why are these women on this show? They know what it is about. Why showcase their poor behavior to the world? I don’t understand.

And what is this whole Princess thing about? Do these women think calling themselves Princesses excuses their poor behavior? Who perpetuates this princess nonsense? It’s cute when the “Princess” is five years old, but a thirty year old woman wearing a tiara (everyday, not just for the wedding) with a rhinestoned tee that proclaims her a Princess, is just beyond sad.


Just Any Other Day? Someday

Fair Warning: This is a rant. Not reasoned. Not well thought out. Not in any particular order. Just something I have to get off my chest every April 15th. Argh.

I’m not a fan of income taxes, on both a practical and a philosophical level. Why does the government need to know how much money we make? It’s none of their business if I make $2 a year or $2 million. If the government needs a source of income, they can collect retail tax. Taxing my retail spending is a perfectly acceptable exchange for purchasing something on US soil. Taxing my income is an intrusion. More than that, it’s a claim. In effect, a government that collects income tax is saying that their claim to the money you make is superior to your claim to the money you make. Socialism, anyone? [And I hate to use the C word, but isn’t a progressive income tax listed by Karl Marx as one of the ten planks in “The Communist Manifesto?”]

As if intruding upon your privacy isn’t enough, they threaten your freedom if for some reason your taxes weren’t paid. And collecting income taxes leads to all kinds of mischief by those who collect it. It’s a secretive exchange that leads to shenanigans and hijinks by the people who preside over income tax law. They use tax legislation, not to produce income necessary for the running of government, but to purchase votes via preferential treatment for certain constituents.

I despise everything for which income taxes stand. And I loathe the organization that collects them. I’d go on, but I just now (unexpectedly) ran out of steam. Sigh. Thank goodness April 15th only comes once a year. I couldn’t be this angry every day.

So look at the Fair Tax. If you decide to support it, do something about it. Contact your representative. Really, it’s the best, most feasible solution for abolishing the IRS. I’m currently reading Neal Boortz’s newest Fair Tax book. I highly recommend reading his two Fair Tax books for more information about the Fair Tax.