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Kim du Toit is always talking about a RCOB (Red Curtain of Blood) when he gets angry. 

Georgia went to Huckabee?

Oh, now I get it. RCOB, indeed.


Busy Polls in Acworth

Campaign sign bloggage aside, New Acworth Elementary was hopping when I voted this morning at 10AM. After chatting with a poll volunteer, I found out that they had to call and ask a few volunteers to come in early (they weren’t supposed to work until this afternoon) because it was busier than they expected this morning. They were fairly anxious about how they were going to handle the turnout this afternoon; apparently, the after 5PM polls are always far, far more crowded than the morning and afternoon polls. They are predicting lines, which makes me glad I went in this morning.

After the last presidential general election (Bush v. Gore Kerry) in which I spent 14 hours sitting on the floor of the Gwinnett County Justice Center for advance voting, I am doubly glad I went in this morning. Oh, I don’t think anyone is predicting that there will be those kind of lines in Acworth. Still, I didn’t have to stand in line at all this morning. I was in and out in under 10 minutes, including the time I took to talk to one of the volunteers.

I’m a Georgia Voter

[I shamelessly swiped the peach pic from Peach Pundit.]

MORE: Jason Pye is live blogging Super Tuesday. He’s also asking people to share their voting experiences in voting today.

UPDATE: It was Kerry, not Gore. D’oh!

Obama’s Slogan

I think Obama has, perhaps, the best looking signs of all the candidates. I have two little problems with his slogan: Change we can believe in.

 Obamachange        Obamachange2

First, the word “change” has been used so much by so many candidates, it drives me batty. Seriously, enough with the change! We get it. Everyone wants change, even the ones who are part of and have significant roles in the current government (like *ahem* Obama).

Last, he ends his slogan with a preposition. The bastard. It should read: Change in which we can believe. Sheesh.

Still, he has pretty signs.

OTHER CAMPAIGN NONSENSE: Seriously, Romney’s signs suck. Hopefully he’ll get an artist to make him some better ones.

And McCain’s signs aren’t any better.

Hillary’s signs are fairly boring, too. But she has some nice shirts.

Obama is definitely winning the sign campaign. Hillary’s got the shirt race sewn up. (Hee.) Poor McCain and Romney need to get their act together. Merchandise matters!

The Unavoidable Candidate Strikes Again!

You know, I hate it when a candidate’s main strength is touted to be his ability to defeat the other guy. The MSM is so fond of using that line. So are bloggers. “OMG! McCain is the only candidate who can beat Hillary.”

I call BS.

You know who else they said that about? John Kerry. Remember? John Kerry was the Democrat’s one big hope of beating Bush. And look how well that turned out for him and the Democrats.

Voting for a candidate based on how well he can defeat the other is a crappy reason to vote for someone. Vote for someone because you agree with their platform. You just end up compromising on too many issues if you vote for the “he can beat so-and-so” guy.

Anyway, people won’t show up to vote if they’re stuck with a candidate that doesn’t reflect their own political values, even if it means defeating the other guy (unless, of course, they really hate the other guy). Speaking of really hating the other guy, the popular vote was very close in Bush v. Kerry. The popular vote was so close that the Democrats might’ve had a win there if they could’ve energized Democratic voters with someone who had political positions closer to their own instead of relying on the Democrat base’s hatred of Bush. So they nominated Kerry; and many Democrats felt all “meh” about him. Bush won.

So arguing that a vote for McCain is a vote against Hillary or Obama isn’t going to get my vote at all. McCain just has too much political baggage.

Post Note: The Marietta Daily Journal has just endorsed McCain. (They are “Metro Atlanta’s only conservative voice.” Bah.) Their headline? “McCain nomination key to GOP win in the fall.” ARGH!

In an election where the popular vote is going to be tight, you just can’t count on voters to show up for the guy that will beat the other guy.

UPDATE: Sorta cross posted over at Jason Pye. The post over there is a little more reasoned and a little less reactionary than this one.

More From The Greater Evil

I totally swiped this pic from Cowboy Blob.

Cthulhu 2

You think I kid about voting for Cthulhu? Well, yeah – I do. I’ve decided to go for Romney this Tuesday. But if Romney doesn’t get the RNC nom I may just go for Cthulhu in the general election. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, I see no measurable difference between Cthulhu, Hillary, Obama, and McCain – except that Cthulhu is honest about his intentions.

Upon the Benefits of Meditation


I am calm. Really. I am super calm. Despite F’n Florida (as it will ever be called if McCain wins the Republican nomination), I am calm.

Which is hard really. I hate McCain. No. I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate McCain. Why? Well, there’s so much. And since just thinking of a President McCain makes my blood boil, I’ll not list his many grievances. My current calm was hard won. Suffice it to say, I do not agree with the man’s political positions or his temperament. 

Oh, I am tempted to take the path of a few of Ace’s commenters (specifically MTT, comment #4) and vote for Hillary or Obama in the general election just to see the place burn. (And by “the place,” I mean, “the United States.”) Bonfires are nice. And since the people seem to be lining up to leap into the blaze, maybe I should accommodate them. I could make a mint selling big puffy marshmallows and sharp sticks.  But then, I wouldn’t have much to show for it since my bonfire earnings would probably be taxed to death.

So I take a deep breath. And I center my chakras or whatever the hell it is that meditation is supposed to do for my mental well-being.  It sorta works.

Apparently, I am witnessing the final gasping breaths of fiscal conservatism. That makes me sad more than angry. Where are fiscal conservatives supposed to go from here? Physically, there really isn’t anywhere else. The US is the last place on Earth that houses a (reasonably) free citizenry. There is no where else to go. This is it. And we’re screwing it up.

Is there a political party that could help? To what political party should fiscal conservatives belong? What about the Republican Party? I haven’t been a member since the early 1990’s because of their social conservatism. But the GOP was usually able to be relied upon for fiscal conservatism. No longer, it seems. And the Libertarian Party is too complicated and encumbered by the crazy portion of their membership rolls to contribute significantly to political processes. And the Democrats/Greens have never been fiscal conservatives.

You know, I wasn’t joking about needing a new political party. The problem is that I don’t think that there are enough people left who support fiscal conservatism to make a difference in the political process.

Am I being overly dramatic here? I feel like the sky is falling.

UPDATE: I am not alone. Nice.

UPDATE 2/1/08 3:50PM: Thomas Sowell isn’t impressed by the “straight talk” and Doug Ross made a nice little candidate comparison chart.