Climate Change Oscillations

NASA says that rises in temperature are not due to CO2. Instead, it’s the Pacific Ocean’s fault:

What this means is no matter how much you change your CO2 footprint, how much you try to be CO2 green, no matter how much liberal governments tax you – you cannot save the planet from its natural cycles.

If I were not recuperating from the effects of a serious case of Food Poisoning del Taco Bell, rest assured, I would be doing my happy dance.

Ya know, I bet there are still going to be people out there who will continue to take the green pill. Especially now since there’s a whole industry dependant upon a continued belief of the issue. I mean, even HGTV has “green” shows touting to help us save the world from the pestilence that is people. There are events centered around “green” themes that bring a whole lot of money to the organizers and such. They (and others) aren’t going to give up that revenue easily. Especially since so many “green” products are more expensive.