Random Linkery

Were you to place your ear next to mine this morning, you would hear the sound of wind blowing through a high mountain pass. No exaggeration there. My brain has departed and left for parts unknown. Though I do suspect it may be lurking somewhere around my left big toe, I can’t work up the energy to will it back to its rightful place behind my eyes. So I’m brainless this morning, with very little to say about some links upon which I’d planned on writing extensively. Well, not so extensively for some…

Ceiling Cat Akbar!!! Hee. This is why I don’t have pets. ‘Cause I would totally do this for Halloween.

Coin Flippage: The Decline of Western Civilization is well upon us.

Admitting Mistakes: While it doesn’t refute his general point, it sure does address another one I’ve long suspected: we are being manipulated by The Powers That Be. And by TPTB, I mean Al Gore and the environmental movement. If they’re going to pretend to present a real, rational, fair documentary to the world, that documentary should not include clips from movies without expressly stating that the clip is from a movie. But no. They included a clip that was supposedly created by filming nature  when it was really created by a CGI shop in Hollywood.  Lovely honesty.

Environmentalists Can’t Do Math: Perhaps that’s why they are environmentalists and not engineers or accountants…

Biofuel = CornBiofuel + Petroleum  

(Global Food System) = CornFood +  $$$US Aid (w/help from others)  

If CornFood = Major food that keeps people from starving in developing countries

If Corn =  CornBiofuel + CornFood   ≠  ∞

And if CornBiofuel > CornFood

Thus the global food system will suffer. People starve. Q.E.D’oh!

[I’d planned on writing more about present equations vs. past equations vs. future equations involving corn, but as I said earlier, my brain is hanging out with my metatarophalangeal* joint right now. And it’s hard to think when there’s that great of a distance between my head and my brain.]

McCain ’08: The least repulsive Democrat running for president. Hee.

Cube Prank: When I was working in a cube, I wished for something like this to happen to me. It’s a mini office with a flower box! How cute is that? [Via the Hostages. And yes, it’s old.]

Some People: Just need the mean beat out of them. Seriously. Did you see the wretch smile for the camera? I say tie her down on the main drag of a retirement village and let the retirees run their golf carts over her.  Or let Arnold Palmer take a few shots with a nine iron. [Via Ace.]

*Did you know that the wordpress spell checker knows the word metatarophalangeal? Nice. Good job WP people!