Dating Math

According to game theory, I am a weak bidder. Which sucks mostly. But according to this article at Slate, being a weak bidder may actually be beneficial. To that, I say “Pshaw!” Because I know math. And this is what I know about mixing dating and math.


FemaleAptitude in Math and Science+ PrudieSmart Ass +

Biological ClockRINGING BITCH!!!!! + HouseBig Ass +

College EducationCivil Engineering + Career2 +

2(2 Hour CommuteOne Way) – (MenSingle, In Suburbs)! = X



College EducationCivil Engineering = Study Groups4 +

PrudieRuined Curve for Remainder of Class, Often +

Teenage BoysMasquerading as Men


X = 2 = Number of Dates Prudie Went on While Working as an Engineer for Six Years


I can only conclude that dating and math and I do not mix.