Climate Modeling, Redux

Gregory Young over at American Thinker wrote a great post about climate modeling. I can’t complain about most of it. It’s the same stuff I’ve screamed time and time again.

I do take offense at one issue. Here’s the quote that sums the issue:

Like all modeling, one attempts to study the past through scientific observation, accurately and unbiasedly collect the data, and then fit the data to a dynamic computer model that is meant to predict, to some degree of accuracy, some measure of tomorrow.  In this way scientists hope to discover trends that not only document the past, but could forecast the future. 

Computer modeling does not try to predict the future. Scientists and engineers are not fortune tellers predicting that someone tall dark and handsome will enter your life after a long trip.

Computer modeling is nothing more than an approximation of an output based on a series of inputs. And the inputs are nothing more than assumptions  based on biases, approximations, pseudo-science, bad science, junk science, science, guesses, inaccurate measurements, accurate measurements, estimates, statistics, plain thin air, and the color Al Gore’s underpants last Tuesday (orange and hot pink plaid, if you really must know – and don’t ask how I know… I am a woman of mystery).

Computer modeling output is a scenario dependant upon a very narrow and precise set of circumstances. It’s not predicting the future. We should stay away from that language. It makes the scientific and engineering community look like spoon benders at the circus.

To the average Joe, the climate change community already appears to be a cult with a doomsday Apocalyptic message. Scientists and engineers should take care that they are not tainted by the Church of Climate Change’s overly zealous claims and predictions.


Too Cool

The image of Al Gore standing in a snowstorm wearing a Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, and flip-flops is one I’m gonna laugh at for a long, long time.

Sigh. I love it when fact usurps irrational, illogical belief.

Climate Change Oscillations

NASA says that rises in temperature are not due to CO2. Instead, it’s the Pacific Ocean’s fault:

What this means is no matter how much you change your CO2 footprint, how much you try to be CO2 green, no matter how much liberal governments tax you – you cannot save the planet from its natural cycles.

If I were not recuperating from the effects of a serious case of Food Poisoning del Taco Bell, rest assured, I would be doing my happy dance.

Ya know, I bet there are still going to be people out there who will continue to take the green pill. Especially now since there’s a whole industry dependant upon a continued belief of the issue. I mean, even HGTV has “green” shows touting to help us save the world from the pestilence that is people. There are events centered around “green” themes that bring a whole lot of money to the organizers and such. They (and others) aren’t going to give up that revenue easily. Especially since so many “green” products are more expensive.

“Fossil” Fuels

FYI: Laughing your ass off while getting over a serious sinus problem hurts.

And I’ve been laughing for a good thirty minutes.

What’s that, Chicken Little? The sky is falling? Oh really? Are you sure?

Here’s the thing: They never were sure. They used the “global warming” hysteria as a political maneuver to try to bring the US to heel. And they ended up starving a lot of people, wrecking many countries’ economies, and converting a lot of people to the false Church of Global Warming.

And for their next act, they’ll ignore the increasing number of man-made climate change dissenters because the dissenters are obviously in the pocket of Big Mean Ol’ Business.

So where’s my check Big Business? I’m waiting.

UPDATE: HA! Imagine no Global Warming. Cute.