We Do?

I am most amazed to learn that we have slaves in the South. I, myself, have never seen such a thing, but coming from such a learned person, it must be true.

At least, I think she was saying that we have slaves in the South. She could have meant that we had slaves in the South and was trying to draw a parallel between her concepts of “free food” today and “free food” then. Perhaps.

Frankly, I’m unsure exactly what she meant anywhere within the entire video. Something about lower rent and free food and slaves and China and Bush. I’m a little confused by the whole thing. Perhaps it’s because I don’t speak Californian and I don’t believe in magical rainbow-colored food-giving unicorns. I’m deficient that way, I suppose.

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Please. No.

Have you ever looked at a picture that took you back to a time of your life you’d rather forget? I did just now. One look and I was back to junior high circa 1988  – Edge of Nowhere, Georgia. Imagine, if you will: tight-rolled denim, plaid Converse high tops, MC Hammer genie pants, Sam & Libby ballet flats, several pairs of mismatched neon socks worn at the same time, black mesh gloves, big hair bows, pimples, acne scars, Clearasil, marching band, Lane Bryant, hormones, school bus rides…

I can’t go on.

Anyway, that was my life in 8th grade. And I had a flashback because of this picture. What the Doctor is wearing in that picture? That’s how the guys in Young Astronauts Club dressed for special occasions. And jeez, how the red-head is dressed? That’s how I  dressed for Young Astronauts Club special occasions (though my Converse high tops were red and black plaid).

Why can’t the fashion Gods think of anything new? When are we going to stop recycling this shit?

Also: When did Doctor Who become an after school special?

MORE: The new Doctor looks like he dances with jazz hands. I hope not.

LATER: No, this will not become a Doctor Who blog, though I realize that it looks that way right now.

One Step Too Far

When they invaded HGTV and Food Network with “green” shows, I sneered. When they staged “Earth Day” and turned off the lights for an hour, I laughed. When they shoved pseudo-science at us, I shoved right back.

They’ve insisted on impossibly low emissions, funky eye-killing migraine-inducing light bulbs, nasty oily recycled paper, expensive cloth grocery bags, and a million other inconvenient and/or expensive things to such an extent that I couldn’t possibly list them all here.

But now they want to take away my quilted fluffy two-ply. Oh. Hell no.

Of course you realize, this means war.

Oohh! A Contest!

I suck at contests. Oh, I love logic and number puzzles and such like sudoku and masyu. But guessing games? Little green apples are better.

But this game is a cool one, because the prize is a donation to a charity of your choice should you win! Suhweet. So go over to The Local Malcontent’s place and guess at this month’s contest. Or, you know, you may actually know the answer. Like I said, I suck at that kind of game.

I mean, I can’t guess what emotion is on a person’s face in real life. Forget about guessing what kind of emotion is portrayed by a person in psychedelic drawing. Shyeah.

Random Linkage

It’s gotta be hard, carrying around all that angst. I guess that’s what happens when you define your beliefs by hating your opponents.

I don’t understand why teens are the only ones who will be fined if they drive while texting. Everyone should be fined for it.

lolcats are more than 100 years old!  IZ AULD KITTEH!

Obama’s ego is truly enormous. Why, it is so large I’m amazed it doesn’t ooze out his ears. He’s so full of it. Ego, that is. (Though, if anyone were to suggest that he’s full of something else, I’ll not say nay.)

GAH!!! Earworm… must… destroy….

Upon the finer points of shootin’  irons and pork chops… Amen.

Obama’s nomination of Clinton is a “harbinger of how Obama will approach the Constitution while President.” Say it ain’t so.

Did you know that you can send a postcard (free!) to our troops? You can. You should. Go to.

More questions about Obama’s Hawaiian birth… Oy.

Don’t rely on climate models! Maurizio lists many excellent reasons why it’s not a good idea. I’d add that they’re too easily manipulated by unscrupulous people to be more than a single data point (within an entire data set). Also, technology hasn’t progressed enough that we can accurately model such a complex system as climate. Hell, we can barely do a half-assed job of modeling streamflow conditions. And people think we’ve accurately predicted that the temperature is going to rise by 0.7534oF (or whatever it is) within a decade? Please.

Ikea sells Rudolph balls at Christmas. Gawd, I love that Swedish FUCK YOU mentality. They just don’t care. Reminds me of some rednecks I know…

Velociman thinks Greta over at Fox News is a man in drag. I dunno. If Greta were a man, she’d be prettier. Just sayin’.

Hell with it. Throw all the money over the side. Why stop now?

Post-Vote Reactions ‘Round My Blogroll

I don’t know how to feel about the vote. I think my reaction is: meh.

Had I been more enthusiastic about McCain (or had I been a Republican), I might have a stronger reaction now. I think that says a pantload about how the GOP handled this whole election. Eh, but that’s a topic for a post when I actually care about the Republican Party. Right now, the GOP is irrelevant and will likely remain so for two more years at the very least.

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3 Zombies 42

13 And Prudence was sore afraid, for she did hear of the people who once were dead, but walked amongst the people of the Goddess. Prudence did hear their name whispered at night upon the dark winds, and was even more afraid of the dead called Zombies.

14 And she did ponder their love of brains.

15 And Prudence found the site for Zombies who search for love. For indeed, even Zombies deserve love.

16 Prudence did realize that while Zombies do indeed need love, they also need to be destroyed. And Prudie did covet the Urban Bone Machete, Mark II. Even the Goddess was impressed by such beauty.

17 Prudence did worry, for even the beauteous Urban Bone Machete would not be enough to fight the dreaded Zombies in large numbers. And lo! Prudie did find a link that provides most useful information for surviving Zombie attacks.

18 Prudence found more reason to worry about an oncoming Zombie Apocalypse.

19 Prudence found dead pinups and was amused at Rosie the Rivited.

20 Prudence also found Lost Zombies and was amazed.

21 Prudence found Zombies from Hollywood and laughed and rolled upon the floor until her ass did fall off.

22 Prudence rejoiced at killing Zombies, even if it was only a game.

23 And Prudence did thank Mr. Brooks most fervently for his Zombie Survival Guide.


24 And lo! Prudence found the blog of Jason Pye, he who scares neighborhood kids. And on his blog, Prudence found that President Bush shares her dislike of Zombies. And Prudence was pleased, for she found a great and noble reason to be thankful for voting for W twice.