I Feel Better

Guess what? I’m not unemployed; I’m funemployed! Well, that makes it all good now.

FROM JUST SILLY: At last, I’m at the forefront of a new, exciting trend. Woohoo! Prudence Ponder, trendsetter. Who knew?

TO THE RIDICULOUS: Hey! Since I’m such a trendsetting figure now, you might want to buy a few corsets. It’s an investment. (And, um, if you don’t want to store them, I’ll be happy to wear them  house them for you. De nada.)


Career Fair 2009

Well, now I know where to go to get a job.

BUT SERIOUSLY:  Remember the job I had lined up and ready for me to start just as soon as the owner got his stuff organized and finalized? His financing fell through. His backers backed away and his bank loan vanished.  He and his partner can’t afford to finance the new company and still feed their families. Unless a miracle happens, the company will never get off the ground. 

I’ve been looking for a job this entire time because I didn’t know when they’d need me.  I didn’t ever really consider whether or not they would need me.

So I’m back to searching without the promise that someday I’ll definitely have a job. Shit. You never really know how much you’ve counted on something happening someday until it’s snatched away.

PUNCH-DRUNK DESPERATION:  I was a great trumpet player in high school and college, good enough for scholarships to college. Maybe there’s a mariachi band somewhere…

The Overqualified Middle Class

I can’t find a job here in Georgia in engineering. I’ve talked to headhunters, both in and out of Georgia. There are so many civil engineers in Georgia and Florida looking for jobs in other states that the market is saturated with civil engineers. The market is so saturated that companies aren’t offering to pay for relocation. As one head hunter put it, “Civil engineering is dead in Georgia and Florida. NC is great right now. Can you relocate?” I can’t afford to relocate.

I’m not proud. I’ll work where ever I can. So I’ve applied at places like Wal-Mart and Home Depot and JC Penny’s. They won’t have me. They won’t have me at any price. And believe me, I’ve dropped my price.

I talked to a woman at a local government employment agency about it. Apparently, I have two problems that prevent me from finding work: 1) I was disabled for two years and 2) I’m overqualified.

Well, hell.

Her advice was to keep pestering friends and family for information on jobs where they work. I’ve done that. The companies they work for are barely holding on as it is. They’re finding people to lay off in the near future, not looking for people to hire.

The kind lady at the government also said that eventually I’d find a job. I just have to find someone who doesn’t care or doestn’ notice that I haven’t worked since September 2006.

So between emailing resumes, I’ve been getting the house in order. I’ve been cleaning for the holidays, checking my SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan) stuff,  doing genealogy, etc. While researching SHTF preparedness, I came across a forum where such issues were being discussed, from the position of someone who has actually been through a SHTF scenario in Argentina in December 2001. The quote that most struck a chord in me:

You see, we have a middle class that suddenly turns to poor, creating a society of basically poor people, there is no more middle class to cushion tensions any more. Middle class suddenly discovers that they are overqualified for the jobs they can find and have to settle for anything they can obtain, there for unemployment sky rockets, too much to offer, too little demand.

Well, hell.

It’s a good read. If you’re preparing for when the SHTF, you should go read the whole thing. Especially enlightening for me was the list of things he’d buy if he could go back in time and get them before the SHTF.

[Via Twisted Spinster.]

Job Fair Prep


So. There is a job fair tomorrow for engineering/technical types. At least, there’s a web site that promises a job fair. I’ve been trying to contact them all day, and I haven’t been able to catch anyone in the office. I have a question for them: what companies will be at the fair? Most job/career fair organizers list this information on their website. But not this one. And I need to know who will be there so I can be prepared for that specific company/industry.

So I’ve prepared as best I can. I’ve polished my general resume. I’ve shined my shoes. I’ve pressed my clothes. I’ve selected tasteful, but not trendy or expensive, jewelry. And I’m printing about 20 resumes. I’m thinking about printing 20 more.

It irks me that I can’t prepare specific resumes for each company at the fair. I’d like to be able to target my resume for that specific company. But no. This stupid company doesn’t have a list of the exhibitors on their website.  Did I say AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!?!!! Let me say it again.


I hate interviews. Sigh.

UPDATE 4:37PM: So I finally got in touch with the people from the job fair organization. There will be 13 companies there… and not one of them are engineering firms. Only two of them are not security related. So of the 13, I can’t apply for jobs at 11 of them because I don’t have security clearance. Shit.

And the other two? One is an insurance firm and the other is a satellite TV service provider. I’ve been to their websites and they aren’t looking for civil engineers. They’re looking for people with project management experience in things like transmission towers and satellite service problems. Neither of which is anywhere near my field of engineering.


Don’t Panic!

Recession is a natural part of the economy. Just think of it as an enema. Or a laxative. It’s natural. Oh, you’re going to have cramps for a while. And your mornings for the next few days are going to be busy. But you’ll feel all clean and rosy afterwards… as soon as you down a few gallons of water.

No? Then think of it in terms of the Circle of Life. Yeah, the song from The Lion King. There. Doesn’t the syrupy sweetness of faux philosophy and upright moral fortitude of Elton John make you feel better? Don’t you feel all warm and snuggly suddenly? It’s the circle of liiiiiiiiiife and it moves us all.

OK. </sarcasm> I feel better now. Sometimes, it’s better to let the snark flow move out (oh, dammit, enough pooping puns) be. It’s better to let the snark be. Sigh.

For people looking for jobs, it sucks. Oh, it’s not that no one is hiring. It’s just that no one is hiring in the field for which I’ve been trained (which is civil engineering generally and water resources/stormwater management specifically). And other fields in which I might be employed until my field gets its collective ass together in Georgia? Well, I’m overqualified. Even f’n Wal-Mart won’t have me.

You know, I’ve wanted to get out of engineering for a long time. Looks like this is the time to do it.