Random Linkage

42  And the Goddess said unto Prudence, “Come thou and Blog, for thee I have seen righteous before Me in this blogosphere.”

43 And Prudence was sore afraid, because she knew she had naught in her draft queue and, indeed, her brains were as guacamole. For verily, there was no inspiration within her bosom for a new post; and Prudence searched, stricken, for a topic upon which to write.

44 And after this thing, the Lady came unto Prudence, saying, “Fear not, Prudence. I am thy shield, and thy exceeding inspiration. Look now toward heaven and tell the stars of thy fear, for I know that thou fearest, and thou shouldst not.”

45 And it came to pass that Prudence traveled to write upon Random Linkery once again, to fulfill that which her Goddess commanded:

46 And Prudence saw the cat, that which is in bondage and enjoys it, and thought it oddest amongst the beasts;

47 Then Prudence saw the whole world, and found it  beautiful;

48 And thus Prudence did sing, Boom dee adah;

49 And she found Abbadon, who is Jesus to Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Prudence did laugh and roll upon the floor, upon which her ass did fall;

50 And she saw that fat makes people fat, and yea she did cry;

51 And she did lust after the Kindle with exceeding power. Thus the Goddess reminded Prudence that she was poor, and without that which is necessary to purchase the beauteous Kindle. And Prudence wept with sorrow for it was truth;

52 And Prudence did ponder upon gas which was costly and dear. But she did also worry for fear of harming that which the Goddess created. Thus the Goddess said unto Prudence, “Let the soil bring forth abundantly the oil which my children need. But behold, I have given you dominion to care for that which I have created.”  

53 And lo, Prudence searched for fear of harming that which the Goddess created, and found that she could not search in certain places, nor could she search with certain people;

54 And Prudence was confused and did ponder more upon the Goddess’s words. And the Goddess did reply, “Drill already.”

55 And Prudence did take aim at her own blog with the bloody gun.  

56 And the Goddess saw that which Prudence did link and was pleased, for it was good.