It’s probably a good thing I don’t have children. I’m the type of woman who would dress her kids up for Halloween to make a political statement.

You know I’d totally dress my kids up like plague victims with fake boils and sores and blood and make then carry signs that read “My Mommy Didn’t Get Me Vaccinated” or  “My Mommy Stuck It To Big Pharma And All I Got Was This Lousy Plague” or “My Mommy Believed Jenny McCarthy Over My Pediatrician And Wouldn’t Let Him Vaccinate Me” or some such shit. I’m sick that way.

And then there’s the potential for Tea Party fun. I’d stand the kid up at a protest and give him/her a sign that read “Obama Took Money From My Piggy Bank” or “Obama Stole My Lunch Money” or “I’m Going To Pay For Your Retirement, You Lazy Bum” or “Because You Bailed Out Detroit I’ll Never Go To College” or something.

Yeah, probably better I don’t have kids.