Party Girl

Cyd Charisse died recently and I completely missed it. She was one of my favorite actresses, who just happened to star in one of my favorite movies, Brigadoon.

On YouTube, I found some clips of her  dancing that I’ve never seen before. She does a strip tease here and dances with Ricardo Montalban here. (KHAAAAN!!!! Ahem. I must say, he was extremely handsome and sexy in that clip.)

Back to Cyd Charisse, here’s her famous Singin’ in the Rain cameo (in the green dress and the white dress – Gawd, that scarf is fabulous and that kiss at 1:40 is hot (for some reason, I find that whole thing where they’re both wrapped up in the scarf and he’s carrying around her completely hot)) and here she is again with Gene Kelley in Brigadoon.

If my legs were half as nice as hers were, I’d be a happy woman.