Goodwill Gone

I woke up this morning all full of goodwill toward my fellow man. I was ready to put the bitter hatred of the past eight years behind me. I was feeling rosy and cheery and almost happy that at least I wouldn’t have to hear the lamentations about W that I’ve been tortured with for the past eight years. I didn’t exactly support Obama, but I didn’t want him to fall flat on his face.

That’s changed a bit now. You see, now I realize the kind of people to which we’re going to be subjected for the next four years.

Obama’s inauguration was full of attacks on his predecessor.  His supporters jeered at W as the Bush family left to go home to Crawford.

W has been nothing but gracious to the incoming administration. Can the supporters of the incoming administration have a little grace in their win? Hell, can the new president have a little grace in his win? Apparently not.


So earlier I was every bit “let’s be nice” and “let’s not wish Obama ill.” Fuck that. That bastard is going down. What makes it so sweet is that he’ll do it to himself.

Can’t wait to watch the carnage.

SIDE NOTE: W was not the monster the media made him out to be. Finally, there’s a rational look at W’s presidency. [Via Cranky-D.]