I’ve been a worrywart lately. Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Glenn Beck. Perhaps I have too much time on my hands to stumble upon otherwise ordinary information and connect dots. Unrelated? I don’t think so.

COPPER:  Copper is the metal of industry. You can’t build anything without it. If an item has an electrical component in it, chances are, copper has something to do with the manufacturing of and/or the working of the item. Generally, the copper market can predict industrial output for the next six months to a year. This week, the copper market collapsed.

DOLLAR:  The dollar is fairly high (and I write that with a laugh). But that’s in relation to other currencies. In relation to gold, the dollar is low.

GOLD: Yeah, what’s up with gold anyway? Does it signal deflation? Inflation? Disinflation? Depression? Recession? Recovery? I’ve heard all the above and more as an explanation of gold prices. I don’t think anyone will know until a proper autopsy after the corpse of our economy is discovered.

WALL STREET:  I saw somewhere on the news (CNN?) that it’s predicted that the Dow will hit levels not seen since the mid-1990’s. So that means it’ll bottom out somewhere around 4000. Shit. Really? I’m suddenly glad that I’ve never had enough money to put into a 401K or other retirement plan.

MORE WALL STREET: Every time Obama says “crisis” the Dow drops. He said “crisis” 25 times in one speech alone. If you can attribute today’s trading to Obama’s speech, the Dow dropped 12 points each time he said the word. Someone needs to tape that man’s mouth shut. I don’t think Wall Street likes where Obama’s leading the nation. Or at least, they don’t like it when he goes into fear-mongering mode.

GENERATIONAL/CYCLICAL CRISES: The Baby Boomer’s crisis is here. The best part of this (really long) article:

Boomer leaders are always sure, and often wrong. They are dogmatic and cocky. They utter the words catastrophe, without specifying what will happen if you don’t follow their plan. They say that we will enter a permanent decline if we don’t spend our way out of a situation that was caused by spending too much. Boomer followers are so shallow and self involved that they will put reason aside and believe that we can spend our way out of this. The easy sound bite solution is what they are looking for. The word sacrifice does not exist in their vocabulary. The well being of future generations is of no interest to them. The day trading, house flipping, BMW driving Boomers are looking for the next big thing. The danger is that the next big thing could be a major war.

TAXES: Some states may not be able to send out tax rebates this year. I’d send in your taxes AQAP if you want to get your money back.

EU: The European Union: Not so united after all. Half of them want us to save them. The other half want us to go down in a fiery crash of SUVs, crude oil, Wal-Mart, and McDonald’s. BOOM!

STIMULATE ME: My half-assed stimulus plan: Banks would be required to refinance home loans at 3%. If the home owner is underwater, then the loan my be bumped out to 40 or 50 years until the loan is paid in full or until the market recovers enough to refinance at more “normal” terms. You would not be eligible for the plan if you lied to get the loan (i.e., misrepresented your earnings to qualify for a larger loan). [I admit; that last part is just for spite. I hate liars and they deserve what they get. Gods forbid they should profit from it.]


Baby Steps

Reject Society has a great post up about Socialism. The comments are down over there, so I’m going to comment here on Collin Williams’ post. The quoted portions are from the post at Reject Society. You don’t need to read the post at Reject Society* to understand what I’m writing about below, but you should read it anyway. It’s a good one.

I am wondering what it will be like when us Generation X types start taking over.

We’ll never get that chance. The Baby Boomers vastly outnumber us. And Generation X is the first generation in human history that has a shorter average life expectancy than the previous generation. So by the time the Baby Boomers are almost all gone, most of Generation X will also be gone. It’ll be up to Generation Y to make changes because I don’t see the Baby Boomers giving up any of the government perks for which they’ve voted.

I suppose Generations X and Y could gang up on the Boomers. I don’t know if we’d have enough numbers even then. And I don’t see how that could be effective as long as the Boomers run Washington.

…[Speaking of] an outright push by both primary political parties for socialism. I am still researching exactly when and how that warp speed to disaster started.

I’ve done no serious research into it, but I have a gut feeling. I think the roots of it began with public schools. Liberals who were more than a little sympathetic to socialism gravitated towards teaching positions in government schools. This was exacerbated with the hippy counter culture, which also gravitated towards teaching positions. All of these socialist/liberal teachers have influenced American school children for at least two generations, perhaps more. Their influence is so great that issues which were once seemingly completely socialist and an anathema to American rights were soon seen as logical, proper steps to take for the greater good. In short, they desensitized the American public towards socialism to such an extent that a great many people don’t recognize socialism and the dangers of it when they are face to face with it.

But I think that the true push began with the end of the cold war. Communism was supposedly defeated. “Former” communists joined the environmental movement and soon found supporters within the elected liberal camp. By this time, the American public had been so desensitized to Socialism that even conservatives began espousing socialist principles.

we have all become slaves

Socialism… in a nutshell. 

LATER: Speaking of Socialism, that reminds me of a quote:

Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the Government’s purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evilminded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.

 -Justice Louis D. Brandeis

Socialism is always seemingly for “the greater good” isn’t it?

*I don’t like the upside down US flag on the Reject Society blog. I understand why it’s a tempting symbol. I just have and like to show a little more respect for Old Glory than that.

It’s That Time of Year Again

So here we are at the end of another year. Which means that we’ll all have to suffer through those stupid “Best of 2007” review shows. You know those shows that recap a certain element of the soon to be gone year? Yeah, those shows. It’s time for them again. I hate those  shows.

[They’re almost as bad as all the shows we’re going to get soon that glorify Baby Boomers. Oh, it’s only a matter of time. You know it. I know it. There’s nothing Baby Boomers love so much as themselves, unless it’s glorification of themselves. And the networks are counting on that for ratings. Anyway, Brokaw has a book out about them. So TV shows can’t be far behind.] 

Back to topic, I can’t stand those year end review shows. Enough of 2007! I’m ready for 2008. Let’s get on with it and stop memorializing the stinking previous year already.