I’ve been up all night on If you haven’t worked on genealogy in a while, and I haven’t since 1996, that place is addictive. It’s fairly awesome, though I’m not sure it’s worth the expense. But gawd, is that place slow.

If you’re not a genealogy geek as I am, you’re not going to understand this. I just got a line back to 395 AD. Yeah, the year. I’ve been doing a happy dance since about 2 AM.

The way-back ancestor’s name was Clodio; he was the first Merovingian king. And if you’re up on your Da Vinci Code, you know that means that I’m a descendant of Jesus and Mary. The Jesus and Mary. Walk on water Jesus and Mary. I think it’s pretty much nonsense, so I wasn’t up on the Da Vinci Code; I didn’t find out about it until I googled “merovingian”. Boy, did I giggle forever.

So… I don’t believe the nonsense about the Merovingians being descended from Jesus. At least, I think it’s useless to rewrite history now, after all the times it has previously been rewritten. So speculation about secret societies and “holy” bloodlines from 2000 years ago seems a fair waste of time.  And I’m not even Christian, so it doesn’t really mean much to me if you assume that the “research” is accurate; I certainly don’t. Though, that’s not to say I can’t have fun with it.

So worship me. Feel free. Snerk.

LATER: I think being descended from Charlemagne is much, much cooler. And shyeah, I’ve got him in my genes, too. Jesus and Charlemagne. Awesome.

Acworth Books-A-Million Sucks

Alternately Titled: The Curse of the Book Club Membership

So yesterday, I went to Books-A-Million here in Acworth (3372 North Cobb Parkway) to get the three books I’ve been drooling over this past week. I found the books easily enough (they were new releases) but, as usual, I had problems at the checkout. 

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Sweet Super Tuesday…

Not only is Laurell K. Hamilton releasing a book tomorrow, but JD Robb is releasing one, too. WooHoo!  

That’s TWO of my favorite authors with a new book out tomorrow. I’m not going to know what to do with myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought two new books at once. You’re probably not going to hear much from me tomorrow. I’ll be nose deep in my books with the TV turned OFF.


LATER: Holy smokes, JD Robb is releasing two books tomorrow. I think my head just exploded from joy.

Hello Darkness

Well, I finally have a reason to look forward to November 4th. Laurell K. Hamilton’s newest Meredith Gentry book, Swallowing Darkness, will drop that day!

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus. Cue the fireworks.

[WARNING: Do not read the next two paragraphs if you haven’t read and plan on reading A Lick of Frost. Go straight to LATER below. Spoilers ahead!!!!]

Well, OK. Don’t cue the fireworks. I have mixed feelings about this book. But for one small thing, like killing off (sorta) Frost, I would have loved the previous book, A Lick of Frost. But Frost is gone, perhaps forever. 

All I gotta say about that is, he better come back in some surprise plot twist or I’m going to be one perpetually unhappy reader each time I finish a Meredith Gentry book. (Though, to tell you the truth, his moody whiny bitch routine was starting to get on my nerves. It was beginning to make me want to smack him upside the head with something hard and heavy. So, he should come back in a surprise plot twist that somehow makes me want to smack him upside the head less. Let’s face it, a brooding troubled hero is sexy; a whinging moody bitch is not.)

LATER: Sheesh. Laurell K. Hamilton needs someone to redesign her web site. That’s just pitiful. I’m almost embarrassed that one of my favorite authors has such a fugly site.

LATER STILL: Hee. To understand the comic below, you need to know that Laurell K. Hamilton also writes the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, which is quite bloody and violently graphic.

MUCH LATER: You know, I don’t think the fugly web site curse is confined to Laurell K. Hamilton. Most of my favorite authors have fugly sites. What gives?

It’s Always For The Greater Good

I’m reading Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism; I’m a couple of pages into the first chapter (which deals with Mussolini). Goldberg connects “belief” with fascism in a way I’ve never before considered. The principles and promises of fascism need not be true for the movement to be successful. As long as followers of those principles believe the promises, and as long as the unbelieving leaders are good liars, the leaders of the movement can use that popular belief to “bring the masses under control for the greater good.”

In the book, Goldberg explains that before the fall of Hitler, both Mussolini and fascism were widely applauded by liberals. But just as equally applauded was communism. After Hitler’s atrocities toward Jews were exposed following WWII, fascism became associated with genocide, racism, and a whole host of other nastiness. So the liberal praise and applause that had formerly belonged to fascism migrated to communism.

So. I told you all that to get to this and to explain what started my kettle boiling.

I’ve been thinking about all that liberal applause, praise, and general idolatry that was heaped upon communism. Where did it go after the fall of communism? Liberal idolatry was left without a target. Certainly some have praised Cuba, but not as loudly and with as many numbers as once praised communism. I think that the liberals who once praised communism so greatly found a home within the environmental movement.

Whether they truly believe in the movement, I don’t know. The movement is so strong; I’m sure that many, if not most people involved in it, are true believers.* But according to Mussolini, belief by leaders isn’t important. As long as the people believe, they can be subjugated; they can be controlled; they can be manipulated. Religions have been doing this for some time. The brilliance of Mussolini was in his taking the lessons of control and domination from the religious leaders he despised and applying them to the state (and I mean “brilliance” in that he was smart to figure it out, not that I agree with it).

The environmental movement is the perfect breeding ground for modern day liberal fascism. It contains within its principals the idea that men must be controlled for their own good, indeed, even for the good of the planet. Corporations must be regulated. People can only buy certain items. People must live a certain way. Dissent is not allowed. Merely questioning their promises and principles is not tolerated.** The principals are simple: Government must keep a tight handle on us all or else the planet is destroyed.

The environmental movement sounds an awful lot like religion to me. Even more, it sounds like good old fashioned Italian politics a la Mussolini.

*(Really. There are too many of them that are absolutely nuts to be faking it. And they’re not nuts in a good, fun, healthy way such that you want to hang out with them and watch Survivor. They’re nuts in a bunny boiling way. And that’s not fun to be around at all.)

**(Seriously, have you ever critically questioned a true climate change believer about climate computer modeling? OMG. They take it very personally. Muslims have been known to react less violently when faced with critical questions about Muhammad. Oy. Anyway. I’ll get to climate computer models in another post.)