I’m a woman with many, many opinions. This blog is where I share them. Because I care.

Also, I would implode if I didn’t. Trust me, I’ve tried keeping them all internally. It ends in a bloody, gooey, heaving mess that inevitably takes out a few innocent bystanders. All in all, the blog is just better for the world’s general population. I’ll put it to you: would you rather have me bitch on this blog or would you rather have me explode all over the poor woman paying for a $12 mocha-frappe-iced-something-or-other at the local chi-chi coffee bar with an EBT card?

See? This blog is for the betterment of mankind. And the bitches who use modern-day food stamps to buy $12 iced coffees are safer, too.

I used to be a Republican. I briefly considered becoming a Democrat. Then I was a Libertarian. Disgusted with them all, I no longer belong to a political party. Typically, I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.

You can email me at prudenceponder -at- gmail -dot- com.


12 comments on “About

  1. Dave says:

    How can anyone be a fiscal conservative and a social liberal?

    I always saw fiscal conservatism as being based in principles like “thou shalt not steal”. Taxpayer money is of course earned by the productive actions of taxpayers, and confiscation and wasting of it is not just irresponsible but actual abuse of the productive, a real excursion into their wallets that is not different than that of a thief.

    As for social liberalism, when you can remove from the welfare roles the nine of ten people who are perfectly capable of supporting themselves but choose not to, I will feel much more comfortable using taxpayer dollars to support the tenth. It is our responsibility to care for the needy, not the lazy.

    And the problem with government is that it fails, often deliberately, to even TRY to discern needy from lazy. Too many votes out there to buy. Can’t go telling people they won’t get any more checks; they might change parties!

    It is facile to say you’re a fiscal con and a social lib; might be better to just say what you mean, “I am both compassionate and responsible”. At least those two positions are not inherently incompatible, as are the two you claim to hold.

    /end rant

    I like your blog. :-) Haven’t seen anyone take those two positions in awhile, though, and had to have my shot.

  2. Prudie says:

    Dave, your rant was unnecessary. I think you misunderstand the terms I used.

    Fiscal liberals are in favor of increased government regulation in their financial lives. So they are in favor of “social” programs like welfare or medicare or social security. And they are generally in favor of increased taxation, as you would imagine. Generally, people who are fiscal liberals are Democrats.

    Fiscal conservatives are against government regulation or are for decreased government regulation in their financial lives. So they are against “social” programs like welfare, medicare, and social security, etc. Also, they’re in favor of less taxation (or no taxes at all in some cases). Generally, people who are fiscal conservatives are Republicans (or so they say).

    Social liberals are against government intervention in their private lives. This means, generally, that they want less government regulation in areas of marriage, drugs, sex, etc. Generally, people who are social liberals are Democrats.

    Social conservatives are in favor of government intervention in everyone’s private lives. This means that they want more laws having to do with marriage, drugs, sex, etc. Generally, people who are social conservatives are Republicans.

    I want less government intervention period. I don’t differentiate between my private life and my financial life in my need for freedom.

    So, what party do you go to when you are a fiscal conservative and a social liberal? Well, some people will pick which issue is more important to them and join the party that generally is in favor of it. But some of us aren’t happy with that. I used to be a Republican, back in high school, because fiscal issues were more important to me than social ones. In college, that changed; social and fiscal issues became equally important. So I went looking for a third party.

    Generally, people who espouse both fiscal conservatism and social liberalism are called libertarians. I’m not a member of the Libertarian Party any more; so I don’t call myself a libertarian to avoid confusion. Oh, people will say they are a small L libertarian or some such to avoid the comparison with the LP. But that’s confusing. So I avoid the term altogether.

    So being a social liberal has nothing to do with “social” programs liken welfare, etc. It’s a common mistake. Your shot was not necessary.

    I guess I’m less compassionate than you thought.

    I like your blog. :-)


  3. pajama momma says:

    Brilliant rebuttal. I am no longer a card carrying member of the Libertarian party either and I find myself in alignment with all your beliefs.

  4. Prudie says:

    PJ, it’s so nice to find another fc/sl! We are a misunderstood people.

    You know, I never thought to have this kind of discussion on the About page on my blog.

  5. Abbadon says:

    I prefer the “Fuck ’em all, leave my guns alone, don’t tax the shit out of me, kill the Islamofascists, get off your ass and work too” party…

  6. Matthew says:

    You and my wife ought to get together. Y’all could start the “Georgia Women’s Leave Me The Heck Alone League”. ;)

  7. Prudie says:

    I’d love it.

  8. pajama momma says:

    Oh I wanna join. I’m in north Florida, close enough right?

  9. Kerry BRACK says:

    You haven’t blogged ai awhile.

  10. Kerry BRACK says:

    Sorry ..blogged for a while. Miss it.

  11. Mona says:

    God I HATE JANE SEYMOUR!!! I hate hate hate hate hate her…thank you for posting and sorry you closed the Comments section down on that article because of some family member of hers who kept posting rants and raves against you…HATE JANE SEYMOUR she’s a cow! :)

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