My Brain Is Mush

Today’s forecast: scattered thoughts all day.

Wednesday doesn’t look to be any clearer, but you never know.  I’m hoping for coherence and clarity on Thursday. In the meanwhile, I have a million random links that I would normally attempt to tie together. But not today, for my brain, it is guacamole… the kind that is mushy and brownish.

So here’s the random linkage.

[Ed. Note: See that? I couldn’t even come up with a suitable segue to introduce the random links. Gawd. I feel like I’m thinking through swamp mud.]

Britain could get blackouts, the first they’ve had since the 1970s. Sucks.  They have cold winters. I’m a true Southerner and thus have a very real fear of being without power during cold weather. Go ahead and laugh, Yankees; let’s see you stand up to a real Georgia summer.

I’m not talking about a summer like the ones we’ve experienced recently. I’m talking about the kind of summer that’s so humid you feel like you’re trying to breathe mashed potatoes. It’s the kind of summer that’s so hot you feel your eyeballs boil. It’s the kind of summer when you pray for nightfall. We used to have those. I don’t know what happened to them. Another victim of global warming climate change, perhaps?

A US federal police force? Well, that idea gives me the creeps. And shyeah, he makes a good point somewhere in there: historically speaking, whenever socialism is imposed, it is sustained by force.

I understand misperception (NSFW) well. Try explaining your corset collection and your romance/romantica/erotica reading habit to your Mormon would-be  boyfriend when he tracks your web surfing through cookies from his blog. (I’m talking about me here, so I’ll go ahead and drop the second person “it ain’t me” BS. ‘Cause it is.) Apparently, that all made me a dominatrix in his view, or whatever he imagined a dominatrix to be.

But I learned something from that: once a Mormon man thinks you’re dominant (and a deviant one at that), forget about any eternal happily ever after with him and the billion babies because there’s no explaining anything, even if the truth is pretty much opposite of what he thinks… well, I’ll stop there. I’m sure that had my thinker thunk straight back there I’d be able to edit the TMI out. But it didn’t and it doesn’t. So, next!

Food porn: 100 ways to use a strip of bacon. [Ed. Note: Fixed the link.] I’ve got to add bacon to my grocery list.

I read recently that we are almost at 17% unemployment when you consider all the people (like me) who don’t qualify for unemployment benefits. So when you consider that we’re now headed for negative job growth… just damn. Looks like I’ll be heading back to college Fall 2010 after all (assuming I can get a scholarship or student loan… d’oh).

No astroturfing here, folks. Move along. You know, I’ve decided that the first indicationthat a protest is the result of astroturfing is the pre-printed matching signs.

8 comments on “My Brain Is Mush

  1. Jackie Durkee says:

    I love this post. That line, “whenever socialism is imposed, it is sustained by force”. Is that yours or did you borrow it from somewhere? I’m going to be writing a piece soon on socialism, marxisim, and communism and would like to use it. Is it o.k. with you?


  2. john jay says:


    thanks for the link. i appreciate it very much.

    i enjoyed reading your posts, especially with regard to your problems with mormon men. laughing.

    ain’t one. now, just what is it that you are into? laughing some more.

    john jay

    p.s. yes, i have made the observation that historically socialism has been imposed by brute force/the gun. a couple of times.

    • Prudie says:

      Mormon men… They’re a good group of men, but that particular one seemed to have an awful lot of weird ideas about female-appropriate reading material. Either that, or I didn’t care enough about how appropriate the stuff I read is. It’s probably a little of both.

      Anyway, that one particular man didn’t seem to think that Ellora’s Cave (NSFW) was appropriate. I just think he didn’t have enough imagination.

      What am I into? In what way? Corsets, I admit to easily and often. And like I wrote above, I’m not a dominatrix. At all.

  3. john jay says:


    i liked the cover to the book/whatever “primales pleasures” by reese gabriel, and have to admit being built just like the model on the cover, e.g., two arms, a head, that sort of thing. laughing.

    looks like you are pretty straight forward to me. boy … girl … romance … standardized pleasure pursuits, … , yada, yada, yada, … , & yada. laughing.

    good luck on getting the six pack abs. and, very nice hooties on the lady on the cover of “primales pleasures.” wish me luck!!!

    john jay

    p.s. smiling

    • Prudie says:

      Shyeah, I thought it was pretty tame stuff myself. I guess definitions of “tame” vary by person.

      Oh no. The six pack abs thing is not a requirement for me IRL. The publishers put the packed men on the covers to sell fantasy books to women. NTTAWWT.

      Good luck.

  4. Kurt P says:

    Prudie, your bacon link goes to a wiki on HTTP.
    Or is it an engineering joke I don’t get?

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