I’ve been up all night on If you haven’t worked on genealogy in a while, and I haven’t since 1996, that place is addictive. It’s fairly awesome, though I’m not sure it’s worth the expense. But gawd, is that place slow.

If you’re not a genealogy geek as I am, you’re not going to understand this. I just got a line back to 395 AD. Yeah, the year. I’ve been doing a happy dance since about 2 AM.

The way-back ancestor’s name was Clodio; he was the first Merovingian king. And if you’re up on your Da Vinci Code, you know that means that I’m a descendant of Jesus and Mary. The Jesus and Mary. Walk on water Jesus and Mary. I think it’s pretty much nonsense, so I wasn’t up on the Da Vinci Code; I didn’t find out about it until I googled “merovingian”. Boy, did I giggle forever.

So… I don’t believe the nonsense about the Merovingians being descended from Jesus. At least, I think it’s useless to rewrite history now, after all the times it has previously been rewritten. So speculation about secret societies and “holy” bloodlines from 2000 years ago seems a fair waste of time.  And I’m not even Christian, so it doesn’t really mean much to me if you assume that the “research” is accurate; I certainly don’t. Though, that’s not to say I can’t have fun with it.

So worship me. Feel free. Snerk.

LATER: I think being descended from Charlemagne is much, much cooler. And shyeah, I’ve got him in my genes, too. Jesus and Charlemagne. Awesome.

6 comments on “Addiction

  1. pam says:

    When you’re adopted, those sites are not much help for anything except a bruised id. Though I do rifle through them occasionally on behalf of hubby’s family…. ‘expensive; is putting it mildly! ;)

    • Prudie says:

      No reason why you can’t do your adopted family’s genealogy. That’s what my aunt does. She loves genealogy so she works on the same genealogy I do (when she isn’t frustrated by it).

      I consider her as much family as great-great-great-grandfather Bubba, whom I never met. It’s not about biology. It’s about connections. I think of it as social networking with your dead relatives. Deadbook, anyone? Ba ding!

  2. Michael says:

    Sorry I haven’t dropped by lately and commented, been distracted with my own blog, life, and other stuff.

    Like the what you’ve down with your blog, and yes doing ancestry history is very addictive. My wife did her’s several years ago before taking a trip back to Italy, which is where her family is from. She spend days and night doing research. However, in the end you get a sense of knowing who you are, what you’re family stands for, or just knowing the truth about somethings in your family.

  3. McGehee says:

    A lot of family trees include Charlemagne in my ancestry too, but I tend to be skeptical of those kinds of claims. Of course, the DNA data seem to have about debunked the favorite claim about the McGehees back before about 1650, so I may not be the one to ask about medieval ancestors.

    • Prudie says:

      I’m skeptical about much of the Charlemagne stuff, too. (I’m skeptical about pretty much everything, especially when it concerns stuff that happened 100s of years ago.) Still, it’s fun to investigate and wonder.

      Shyeah, most of my family’s stories have turned up to be bunk under close genealogical scrutiny, too.

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