I Question Everything

Is it wrong that I consider the largest down-side to being a porn star the fact that the porn star income is so heavily dependant upon ass hair removal and/or maintenance?


Why do I dress in my best “casual” clothes for doctor visits when the doctor only ever sees me in panties and a paper “dress”?


Why do the TV show titles on Animal Planet sound like titles of gay porn?


Why do lip glosses come in such yummy scents and flavors when the lip gloss boxes warn users that the gloss itself is harmful when swallowed?


How difficult can it be for men to find pants that fit when they don’t have hips? And why do mens’ pants have such a complicated sizing system when, compared to women, they have an easier time with fit?

10 comments on “I Question Everything

  1. pam says:

    LOL! Great questions! At least you don’t ask yourself foolish things like ‘why am I supposed to squeeze from the end of the tube?’

  2. pam says:

    OH, love your new theme… even if it does run off the end of my screen. My bad for not moving with the times and staying with this old CRT! ;)

  3. Prudie says:

    You squeeze from the end of the tube because it’s more efficient.

    Thanks. The theme is a basic WordPress one. I’d design one myself, but I’ve got the free WP service. So no CSS noodling for me. I think that the theme is fixed width, which is probably the problem.

  4. thebastidge says:

    RE: pants

    The grass is always greener, sister.

    • Prudie says:

      Oh no. I don’t believe that at all. Somewhere in my lawn, I’ve got a greener patch of lawn. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to find. Sometimes I mistake really green weeds for grass. And there are times when that green patch is downright tiny when I do find it, but I’ve always got greener grass.

      On the pants issue, my green grass is my hips. Really. I like my hips and wouldn’t trade them for man hips for anything. But sometimes, they are a bit frustrating when I’m looking for pants.

  5. You had me running away screaming at “ass hair removal”.

    • Prudie says:

      Well, you didn’t run far. Here you are, you brave man you!

      Seriously, have you ever considered how much time goes into nether hair removal for the average porn star? It hurts my brain.

  6. Kurt P says:

    Guys pants size waste in INCHES, inseam in INCHES both are (usually) the same wherever you are.
    A womans size ummmm….6 is different depending on who makes it, or where it’s made or which continant you’re on.

    Who’s size is more confusing?

    Also, since I can’t seem to avoid the issue… I personally like ‘ladyfur’.

    • Prudie says:

      I wasn’t just talking about hair removal for the ladies…

      Pants size… I didn’t mean complicated as in “hard to understand.” I meant complicated as in “more data input involved in sizing.” My point was that you guys get standard sizing and you have the lesser complicated bodies to clothe. Your hips are generally the same size as your waist. That’s not so with women. (I’m not going to mention inseam here because that will make my head ‘splode.) And yet, we have a single number that may or may not be the same from shop to shop.

      And shyeah, don’t get me started on “standardized” sizing in women’s clothes. Oy! I can wear anything from an 18W to a 32W depending on where I shop (though mostly, I am a 22W-24W)… and that’s not including the places that don’t use the “standard” W sizes… Argh.

  7. Kurt P says:

    OH,,,,,,,,hips are good in a woman too.

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