Oh No!

The Apocalypse is nigh.

Twitterers (Tweeters? Twits?), take heart! Fox News has just reported that Twitter is indeed back up and running; though you may have to wait for your Twitter fix since it is suffering from some serious snail fail.

The Apocalypse? I think this is the first time in human history that the news was interrupted to announce such a thing. This is proof of at least one  (I think it’s proof of all) of the following: 

1) Twitter is addictive;

2) Twitter is so all pervasive that Twitter outage warrants breaking into regular news programming;

3) Twitter is now officially lame (no seriously “cool” thing – or whatever they’re calling the newest, bestest craze these days – is that popular with the masses); and/or

4) I was right to never join.

LATER: How funny is it that “Twitter” is a word in the wordpress spellchecker but “Obama” is not? Mildly.


One comment on “Oh No!

  1. I tried Twitter for a while, but gave it up. I thought it would be a complement to my blogging, but it doesn’t seem to have any real use other than to broadcast your TMI to the world who couldn’t care less. It’s too much one-sided for me, and it attracts spammers and wannabe porn peddlers.

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