Please. No.

Have you ever looked at a picture that took you back to a time of your life you’d rather forget? I did just now. One look and I was back to junior high circa 1988  – Edge of Nowhere, Georgia. Imagine, if you will: tight-rolled denim, plaid Converse high tops, MC Hammer genie pants, Sam & Libby ballet flats, several pairs of mismatched neon socks worn at the same time, black mesh gloves, big hair bows, pimples, acne scars, Clearasil, marching band, Lane Bryant, hormones, school bus rides…

I can’t go on.

Anyway, that was my life in 8th grade. And I had a flashback because of this picture. What the Doctor is wearing in that picture? That’s how the guys in Young Astronauts Club dressed for special occasions. And jeez, how the red-head is dressed? That’s how I  dressed for Young Astronauts Club special occasions (though my Converse high tops were red and black plaid).

Why can’t the fashion Gods think of anything new? When are we going to stop recycling this shit?

Also: When did Doctor Who become an after school special?

MORE: The new Doctor looks like he dances with jazz hands. I hope not.

LATER: No, this will not become a Doctor Who blog, though I realize that it looks that way right now.


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  1. Just about any picture I can find of me past five years old is one I’d rather forget.

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