Mop Please?

I laughed so hard watching this video, I nearly peed my pants.

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Vikings Rule

Just so you know.

I love Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV. Yes, really. Right now they’ve got a marathon going, and I’ve got to get back to that, but I’ve just got to put it out there that the Viking vs. Samurai episode was completely wrong. No way could a Samurai take on a Viking at close range and survive.

Just had to get that off my chest. Gotta go, they’re examining who would come out on top in a terrorist showdown: IRA vs. Taliban.

Must. Have.

I have this addiction. It’s not something I usually talk about, but here it is: I love corsets. Not to look at. To own. To wear. Love them.  I am unashamed in it. I am a corset slut.

I confess this because I just saw the most amazing new idea to hit corsets in quite some time: the Tactical Corset.

Discuss amongst yourselves. I’m busy counting my emergency money.

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On with the Finger Pointing!

The gunman was a white supremacist. I am absolutely appalled that a white guy was responsible for this. That he did it because of some loony racist ideals is absolutely reprehensible. And the fact that it happened at the Holocaust museum, when the gunman was likely a Holocaust denier as many white supremacists are, is beyond sad. That this man is an American citizen and a WWII veteran strikes me as that much more of a tragedy. This is the sort of thing that happens in Europe with their rampant anti-Semitism, not in America.

Already, the news is making a stink of it. That’s all well and good; they should. Racism, from anyone, should be exposed wherever possible. And exposing the foolishness of denying the Holocaust is always worthy effort. [Holocaust deniers are right up there with the 9/11 Truthers on the Scale of All Things Dangerously Crazy.]

But I’m angry at how the news (at least Shepard Smith on Fox News) is connecting the shooting to Obama’s election. Smith is saying that Obama’s election triggered the gunman in some way. Perhaps. The gunman has been crazy for a long time; I saw briefly on the news that he was somehow responsible for closing the Federal Reserve in 1981. Practically anything could have triggered him today. It seems to have been building for some time, for at least 28 years.

Smith on Fox News is further connecting this shooting to blogs that oppose Obama. Apparently, the blogs that oppose Obama are so full of hate and vitriol that they (we, I guess) caused this. That’s nonsense. No one on any blog that opposes Obama that I read advocates shooting anyone.

Sure, we write incessantly about keeping the right to bear arms, but no one sane advocates shooting people to insure those rights. Hell, anyone with half a brain understands that tragedies such as this will only hurt our position.

As for a single event causing this, Folks, things like this don’t just happen spontaneously. They stew and simmer and boil for years before exploding. That certainly seems to have been the case today. Perhaps it was Obama, perhaps he read a blog, or perhaps he was incontinent. Who knows? Maybe we will know someday. Maybe we won’t.

The fact that the gunman was a veteran is causing all sorts of knowing nods from the media. After all, they wrote the script about crazy veterans exploding in such ways. Never mind that he hasn’t been in the military for decades. It’s complete nonsense, but it’s nonsense that’s perpetuated in most American entertainment.

We’re going to hear more of this in the coming weeks. Expect the “Gunman = Racist = Obama Opposition = Blogs Against Obama” meme to be repeated ad nauseum. The media is going to bang this drum long and hard to beat any opposition to Obama into submission.

LATER:Tea Partiers better be ready for it this. Anybody who shows up at one will immediately be lumped into the same category as the gunman and the blogs that oppose Obama.

LATER: Smith also talked about how freedom of speech is responsible for the shooting. We’ll see more of this later on, too.

LATER:Some conservatives say Obama may be responsible, but not in the way you think.

UPDATE 5PM: TWOFER! He was a Holocaust denier and a Truther. That’s almost the holy trinity of dangerously crazy. And the news is calling this guy a conservative? Not with those Truther credentials he isn’t.

No Excuses

Shots were fired today at the US holocaust museum in DC. Right now, Fox News is reporting that 3 are wounded and police have caught the gunman.

We don’t know yet who it was. We don’t know yet why he did it.  There’s simply no excuse for it. None.

I write that now because someone’ll be sympathetic to the gunman.

LATER: I’m not going to update this regularly to keep the most up to date information in the post. There are better people doing  just that and we’ve got a huge storm bearing down on us right now. I’ll weigh in when we have the whole story.

FOD #1

If you don’t know what FOD means, well, you really should.

Obama is having problems keeping promises to a certain segment of his followers. My gay brothas, Obama threw his own granny under the bus when it was politically expedient. Did you really expect him to invite you to the White House when most of the country sees you as little more than entertaining weirdos? Did you expect him to invite you to lunch in the Rose Garden when most of the country doesn’t see your equal rights claims as valid? Don’t get me wrong, I am pro-gay marriage. And maybe Obama really is too.

The thing is, you’ll never know until he takes you seriously, which he won’t. You’re a liability now that he doesn’t need you to help him win an election.

Just Saying

Just Saying

If you want to start a support group of people Obama fucked over, talk to the idiot Libertarians who also voted for him. You have plenty in common.

Obama is unfairly tough on Israel. Jewish Democrats? You might want to talk to the gay guys and Libertarians about that support group.