Lately, I’ve become bored with food. My old recipe standby (salt + pepper + olive oil + heat) can work on practically any food, meat or vegetable, and I think that because it has been such a reliable combination, I’ve used it too much. That has become boring. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a lifetime food addict, it’s that when the good healthy food you make is boring, you start looking for other, unhealthy substitutes. It’s the nature of the beast.

So in trying to cook with more varied spices, I’ve been watching a lot of Food Network. It’s about to drive me crazy. Every American chef now uses the Rachel Ray “give it a” phrase. Instead of saying “stir the soup”, they’ll say “give the soup a stir.” Instead of  “tie the pork tenderloin”, they’ll say “give the tenderloin a tie.” It’s stupid. Give it a stop!

They all do it. Why? It’s unnecessary and it’s annoying. The one exception has been Nigella Lawson. Maybe she doesn’t speak thus because she’s British. Maybe it’s because she’s not an idiot. Whatever the reason, thank Gawd for Nigella. She’s been a 30 minute block of sanity in the midst of hours of crazy. (Though to be perfectly honest, I don’t understand her fascination with frozen peas.)

PEACHES AND MINT JULEP? MERCY: I’m a true Georgia Girl; I love peaches. And mint julep is my favorite mixed drink. Nigella mixed the two. You know I’m trying that recipe as soon as I replace that empty bottle of bourbon and find some fresh peaches.


2 comments on “Spooooooons!

  1. pam says:

    Ah, you’ve discovered my culinary secret! Really, anything can be made edible with liberal application of salt, pepper and olive oil. Even [shudder] Spam.

    I don’t watch any of those shows [don’t have cable] but I’ve been branching out as well… through magazines. I got a wild hair and cancelled hubby’s Playboy and signed up for a year of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food. I love it and have been trying lots of new stuff. Best way to describe it is exhilarating and liberating!
    Here I am, almost 52, and had always stuck with what I knew… a little experimentation is good and a lot is better.

    Good luck with your new recipes! Except that nauseous making peaches and julep thing. Ew.


  2. Prudie says:

    Spam? Ew.

    Peaches and mint julep… Ew? Yum! It looks great.

    You cancelled the hubby’s playboy in favor of Martha Stewart? Bwahaha! I bow down in the face of your bravery! I love it. You go girl.

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