Protesting is Good for Democracy…

as long as the protesting people are liberals.

The April 15 Tax Day Tea Party in Atlanta was one of the largest protests in the country. From all appearances, The Powers That Be aren’t going to just let that happen again.

The event was supposed to have been held at Gwinnett Place Mall. I used to live near that mall. It is an old mall full of empty stores where the most frequent visitors are mall walkers who buy nothing regularly. It’s not that far away from two other newer, larger malls (Discover Mills Outlet and Mall of Georgia) and has greatly suffered in recent years. Most Gwinnecians call it Ghetto Place Mall for a reason.

I can’t imagine that the mall stores will be happy that the prospect of a few thousand shoppers will now be removed because of easement agreements.

BRIGHT SIDE: Now the Lefties aren’t laughing at the Tea Parties. They’re actively working to prevent Tea Parties from happening, which would indicate that they’re afraid of them snowballing. Sweet. Long live the new counterculture!


3 comments on “Protesting is Good for Democracy…

  1. diamond dave says:

    I hope that the protesters can find a way to have their Tea Party anyway. They might have to find a different venue, but they can’t be completely banned.

  2. pam says:

    …if there’s time to get another permit to coagulate approved. I hope they do… all they have to worry about then is the unholy Atlanta traffic! ;)

  3. Prudie says:

    I think they’re going to use a park, which means that they won’t have all the features they’d planned. Also, there’s not so much parking at the park.

    Still, there’s something like 20 similar parties going on in Georgia alone. So there are options.

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