Cilantro Sucks and Other Random Thoughts of Great Importance

I’m not alone: All this time I’ve thought I was completely alone in my hatred of cilantro. Seriously, keep it off my tacos.

Yes, yes, yes… we know: Obama is a studly fly killer of the highest calibre. Yawn. But that Obama ninja video? Hilarious.

I want one: I would totally buy an assault screwdriver if screwdrivers were thus so made and marketed. Just so you know.

Another one bites the dust: I refuse to twat  twit tootWhatever the hell it’s called when you use twitter, I refuse to do it. Sell out!

No link here: Is anyone else a little tickled that “Obama” always pops up as a misspelled word when you spell-check in WordPress? Hee. [I know. I take my tickles where and when I can get them.]


2 comments on “Cilantro Sucks and Other Random Thoughts of Great Importance

  1. TRO says:

    Oh yes, cilantro sucks big time.

    I do Twitter sometimes, but not enough so that people remember I am a follower.

  2. Prudie says:

    Another cilantro hater! We should form a support group. I don’t understand why everyone loves cilantro. You can’t make anything out of a Bobby Flay cookbook without omitting a ton of the junk. And then the dish is tasteless because all of his recipes rely so heavily on it. Argh.

    I see. You are one of those twitterers who only twitter on special occasions… You’re kind of like a Christmas/Easter Christian, I guess.

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