FOD #1

If you don’t know what FOD means, well, you really should.

Obama is having problems keeping promises to a certain segment of his followers. My gay brothas, Obama threw his own granny under the bus when it was politically expedient. Did you really expect him to invite you to the White House when most of the country sees you as little more than entertaining weirdos? Did you expect him to invite you to lunch in the Rose Garden when most of the country doesn’t see your equal rights claims as valid? Don’t get me wrong, I am pro-gay marriage. And maybe Obama really is too.

The thing is, you’ll never know until he takes you seriously, which he won’t. You’re a liability now that he doesn’t need you to help him win an election.

Just Saying

Just Saying

If you want to start a support group of people Obama fucked over, talk to the idiot Libertarians who also voted for him. You have plenty in common.

Obama is unfairly tough on Israel. Jewish Democrats? You might want to talk to the gay guys and Libertarians about that support group.