History Revised, from the Self-Centered POV

Historical revisionism is alive and well in the New Socialist America.

What do you get when you have a liberal mind-set, an ambiguous moral compass, no regard for historical accuracy,  a highly-paid team of “comic” writers, a high sense of self-regard, an even higher sense of your own opinion, an infinite supply of narcissistic-colored glasses, and a thirty minute “news parody” show of your very own?  You get Jon Stewart, a man who doesn’t parody of the news nearly as much as he pushes his own personal views upon a slathering, ignorant audience.

HELLO TOPIC: Stewart thinks that Truman is a war criminal for dropping the bombs on Japan. I’ve heard this bit of nonsensical liberal revisionist history before. I’ve always felt that was worthless, but to my shame, I’ve never taken the time to do the research necessary to refute the charges.  It took Bill Whittle six minutes of googling to debunk Stewart’s ignorant assertions. Though, it did take almost seventeen minutes to explain them.

You should go watch Whittle’s PJTV video thingie. It’s a good one.

LATER: What color glasses are narcissistic-colored glasses? I suspect they’re pink. 

A LITTLE LATER: Why do conservative, logical people appear on Stewart’s show anyway? It’s nonsense and should be treated with the same respect given to silly parody shows like Reno 911!  and reality TV shows like Hogan Knows Best and Joe Millionaire. Which is to say, it should be given no respect and should not be taken seriously.


4 comments on “History Revised, from the Self-Centered POV

  1. Nice slam on Jon Stewart with Bill Whittle’s commentary. I guess Stewart’s another one I have to add to my list of stupid, clueless, self-centered celebrities. This is one subject where Jack Nicholson’s speech near the end of A Few Good Men would have been perfectly applicable.

  2. Prudie says:


    You know, I’ve never seen A Few Good Men. It’s one of those movies that everyone pretty much seems to love, but I’ve somehow missed.

  3. It’s a good movie to watch, though a little over the top in some areas with the acting, IMHO. But if you like Jack Nicholson going off on one of his trademark rants, his is a classic in this movie. I actually agree with the jist of it in principle. Too bad he was playing an evil character in the movie and used his speech to defend what was essentially a despicable act.

  4. thebastidge says:

    Why do they do it? Because it’s popular. A wide audience means exposure, and the maxim is: “all pbulicity is good publicity.”

    Not sure that really holds true, but that’s what (the ubiquitous) “they” say.

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