I Didn’t Forget About It

Despite all of the nonsense of this past week, I have been keeping my eye out on Washington. The cap and trade nightmare passed the House by 7 votes. Eight of the pro votes were from Republicans. Eight. I’m pretty angry over it.

These days, I don’t expect Republicans to be fiscal conservatives (that may have once been true, but it certainly isn’t today). I do expect Republicans not to fall for the hoopla and nonsense surrounding the climate change issue. I do expect Republicans to be slightly more circumspect when it comes to wrecking the economy. And I certainly do expect Republicans to at least put up some sort of resistance when met with crazy liberal economic plans. But those eight didn’t even put up a token show.

To be clear, I’m not blaming all Republicans. But I do think this is pretty  indicative of the state of the Republican party, in general.

PERSONALLY: My family is living spare. We gardened this year, not because we wanted to garden, but because we hoped it would offset grocery costs and make our rice and bean diet a little more palatable. We’ve been somewhat successful this year, having already pickled a dozen cans of cucumbers, we’re going to do probably 6 more this weekend. It’s been a blessing that we all love fried green tomatoes. And thank the Gods that I can cook from scratch; all of those “basic emergency storage” foods we stockpiled in 1999 have come in handy.

I haven’t bought clothes in 2 years. I’ve sold my expensive office wear, shoes, corsets, and coats on eBay. And now that times are tough even on eBay, I’m thinking of taking some of my household goods from my old home that are packed up in the garage and selling them at a trade day nearby. I don’t write this for sympathy. I write this because we’re on the raggedy edge like many Americans.

There isn’t a single sector of the economy that will not be affected by the cap and trade plan. And all of that will trickle down to the everyday consumer, to us. After all, companies don’t pay taxes; they just pass their tax costs on to the consumer.

Higher energy costs will force my family to make tough decisions. Almost certainly, we’ll lose the satellite, which is becoming less and less of a problem with all the junk that’s on it. I imagine that we’ll need to decide between natural gas and electricity this winter.

From reading other blogs, I know we’re not the only people in such circumstances. From talking to extended family, I know that there are many more than I first suspected. And this is the time Obama chose to push behemoth energy increases. Aren’t we struggling enough? What’s worse than the raggedy edge? A spiraling free-fall? A plummeting splat?

One would almost suspect that it is Obama’s intention to destroy the US economy.


Lately, I’ve become bored with food. My old recipe standby (salt + pepper + olive oil + heat) can work on practically any food, meat or vegetable, and I think that because it has been such a reliable combination, I’ve used it too much. That has become boring. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a lifetime food addict, it’s that when the good healthy food you make is boring, you start looking for other, unhealthy substitutes. It’s the nature of the beast.

So in trying to cook with more varied spices, I’ve been watching a lot of Food Network. It’s about to drive me crazy. Every American chef now uses the Rachel Ray “give it a” phrase. Instead of saying “stir the soup”, they’ll say “give the soup a stir.” Instead of  “tie the pork tenderloin”, they’ll say “give the tenderloin a tie.” It’s stupid. Give it a stop!

They all do it. Why? It’s unnecessary and it’s annoying. The one exception has been Nigella Lawson. Maybe she doesn’t speak thus because she’s British. Maybe it’s because she’s not an idiot. Whatever the reason, thank Gawd for Nigella. She’s been a 30 minute block of sanity in the midst of hours of crazy. (Though to be perfectly honest, I don’t understand her fascination with frozen peas.)

PEACHES AND MINT JULEP? MERCY: I’m a true Georgia Girl; I love peaches. And mint julep is my favorite mixed drink. Nigella mixed the two. You know I’m trying that recipe as soon as I replace that empty bottle of bourbon and find some fresh peaches.

I Feel Better

Guess what? I’m not unemployed; I’m funemployed! Well, that makes it all good now.

FROM JUST SILLY: At last, I’m at the forefront of a new, exciting trend. Woohoo! Prudence Ponder, trendsetter. Who knew?

TO THE RIDICULOUS: Hey! Since I’m such a trendsetting figure now, you might want to buy a few corsets. It’s an investment. (And, um, if you don’t want to store them, I’ll be happy to wear them  house them for you. De nada.)

Protesting is Good for Democracy…

as long as the protesting people are liberals.

The April 15 Tax Day Tea Party in Atlanta was one of the largest protests in the country. From all appearances, The Powers That Be aren’t going to just let that happen again.

The event was supposed to have been held at Gwinnett Place Mall. I used to live near that mall. It is an old mall full of empty stores where the most frequent visitors are mall walkers who buy nothing regularly. It’s not that far away from two other newer, larger malls (Discover Mills Outlet and Mall of Georgia) and has greatly suffered in recent years. Most Gwinnecians call it Ghetto Place Mall for a reason.

I can’t imagine that the mall stores will be happy that the prospect of a few thousand shoppers will now be removed because of easement agreements.

BRIGHT SIDE: Now the Lefties aren’t laughing at the Tea Parties. They’re actively working to prevent Tea Parties from happening, which would indicate that they’re afraid of them snowballing. Sweet. Long live the new counterculture!

Can We Please Move On?

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I’m easily distracted by shiny things. -The Tick

I have a love/hate relationship with the TV. It can be a wonderful, informative tube of illumination. It can be entertaining and smart and clever and insightful and can bring a whole host of Good Things to the average TV viewer willing to plop down in front of it and pay attention for a scant few minutes. 

And then there’s the other 99.9% of junk that’s on TV. With that junk, I include the Michael Jackson coverage. For crying out loud, that man hasn’t been musically relevant in years. His life, of late, was mostly a sad circus act played out in front of a too-attentive media. And frankly, I just don’t care.


TRO compares Michael Jackson to Obama. I wish I’d thought of that.

I agree with Cranky-D. What about nuclear power, bitches?

Pam is bored. Me too. I just want to know if her hubby knows about all the angels kissing her knees…

Jonolan finds answers in Obama’s childhood. Hmp.  42 does not equal “government“.