Backyard Bliss

I slept most of the day and awoke to find the garden gorgeous.

Part of the Backyard

Part of the Backyard

Ignore the grass and weeds in the bed around the patio. Please. That’s what I do. But you’ve probably guessed that.

That’s a few squash plants in the planter. There’s a Chinese snowball bush directly behind the squash.  The tomato and cucumberplants are in the raised beds a bit beyond. And as always, there’s the stinkin’ juniper behind the wall.

Photos of the cucumber flowers to come soon. They’re gorgeous!

Time Machine

This is probably interesting to me and only me. You’ve been warned: It’s mostly fuzzy navel gazing nonsense.

I was emailed recently from Geocities warning that they are going to delete all of their free website accounts sometime this summer. Well, most of my first anonymous blog is on that site. What to do with it all? Some of the old posts have been shamelessly re-tweaked and republished here. But what about the rest?

I didn’t use any kind of content management software. I just wrote everything in HTML (which seems now like etching out words on stone with a blade of grass). So adding all of that content to this site would be a huge job; I began the site in 1997 and ended it in 2003. And I’m not sure that I even want all that content here. I am a completely different person now.

Seriously, I was one angry, twenty-something, white bitch. Don’t laugh. So I haven ‘t changed all that much.

I almost peed my pants reading my old biography because I laughed so much. It is, at once, both alarming and reassuring to see how little and how much I’ve changed in 10 or so years.  And you know, since I’m planning a title change for this blog anyway, I’m going to have to incorporate parts of my old bio into a new one for the blog…

LATER: Looking at the stuff I wrote in 1998 is just plain out weird. What’s even more weird is the background I used back then. Good Gawd.

Oh. Hell No.

Not again.

So the garden has been growing wonderfully. It has loved the hell out of all the rain we’ve been getting. The tomato plants were huge. The bean bushes were growing. The cucumber plants were leafy. And the squash vines were sprouting.

Notice the past tense “were” in those sentences?

Today, I found nothing but leafless stumps in my bean box. I found one cucumber bush nibbled to the ground. And I found several tomato plants missing leaves and stems.

Sumbitch. It was last year all over again. I think  a Tomato Hornworm has struck my garden again!

I’m heading to Home Depot tomorrow to find something to kill the little bastard(s).

And don’t get me started on the deer tracks I found this morning. Argh.

Birds of a Feather – Complete!

Woohoo! And only, ahem, about 2 weeks late, I finally finished the wall hanging for my parents’ 40th anniversary. Here it is (click on the picture for the full size):

The Birds of a Feather Wall Hanging

The Birds of a Feather Wall Hanging

It’s about 42″wide by 28″ tall. It was (almost) completely handmade. (The only lines sewn by machine are the “structural” lines that have to carry a lot of the quilt’s weight. There are eight lines of them: The four lines attaching the white fabric to the black and the four lines  on the border attaching the rod pockets to the back. Basically, the piecing is machine pieced because it’s stronger.) So all of those little stitches you see in the fabric? Hand stitched. Every single stinkin’ one of them.

I quilted a puzzle (or vermicelli) pattern into the background around the two big red flowers and an echo pattern into the two squares around the big birds. The backgrounds around the pears and stars were quilted with a 1″ diamond pattern. Here’s a close up of the right pear (click for the full size pic):

The Right Pear

The Right Pear

I’m done and I’m pretty happy with the results. I could be a bit happier with the border, but I think I know how to fix that with the next quilt.

Next up, I’m making either a color wheel sampler or some appliqued patriotic fruit to go in a framed collage.  We’ll see. I want to do a really quick project next. And of course, I’ve got to quilt my Home Sweet Home quilt sometime. Oh wait! Mother’s Day is in a week or so. Hmp. Looks like I’m making a purse this week.

I hope you have a happy May Day!