Career Fair 2009

Well, now I know where to go to get a job.

BUT SERIOUSLY:  Remember the job I had lined up and ready for me to start just as soon as the owner got his stuff organized and finalized? His financing fell through. His backers backed away and his bank loan vanished.  He and his partner can’t afford to finance the new company and still feed their families. Unless a miracle happens, the company will never get off the ground. 

I’ve been looking for a job this entire time because I didn’t know when they’d need me.  I didn’t ever really consider whether or not they would need me.

So I’m back to searching without the promise that someday I’ll definitely have a job. Shit. You never really know how much you’ve counted on something happening someday until it’s snatched away.

PUNCH-DRUNK DESPERATION:  I was a great trumpet player in high school and college, good enough for scholarships to college. Maybe there’s a mariachi band somewhere…


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  1. Abbadon says:

    Goddammit that sucks…Sorry to hear it Prudie…


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