Tonight is Beltane, the beginning of Summer. I don’t have anything special planned, other than to light a candle or two (or three or ten… I can never stop until I hit double digits). And I plan on meditating a bit to try and ease some stress.

But for now, my baby tomato plants are happy, healthy, and growing so fast that I am smacking my lips in anticipation of the lovely ‘mater sandwiches to come. The backyard is a thriving little greenspace of flowers and veggie plants (and weeds – oy). And the temperature is just comfy enough to spend time outside, but still hot enough to make the baby tomato plants produce good tasting tomatoes later this season. Life is good.

Happy Beltane!

The Princess Bride Attacks!

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately that I have no business watching. I never realized that there were so many shows that focused on weddings and babies. Since I have no immediate plans for either, I have no idea why I’ve been watching this junk.

WeTV has this show about weddings called Platinum Weddings that showcases obscenely expensive weddings. Why anyone would spend upwards of a million dollars on what is essentially one big party is beyond me. And the people who have these weddings are ridiculously normal.

Sure, if you’re a Hilton or a Trump or a Celine Dion, I could see you having a wedding that costs $2.5 million or so. But the people on these shows are everyday schmoes living in efficiency apartments, driving Civics, and working at Starbucks. I guess it pays to have a wealthy Papa. Though, why anyone would want that wealthy Papa to spend that much money on a wedding instead of, say, a house or college or something is also beyond me. Maybe they do both.

Then there’s this other wedding show called Bridezillas about brides who are completely out of control. Never in the history of mankind have so many selfish, loud, dimwitted women worn so many Bedazzled velour hoodie lounge sets declaring themselves Princesses. It’s enough to put a woman off of rhinestones for life.

You’ll find fewer self-proclaimed Princesses at the Disney store than you’ll find foaming around the mounth in front of the Bridezillas cameras. Why are these women on this show? They know what it is about. Why showcase their poor behavior to the world? I don’t understand.

And what is this whole Princess thing about? Do these women think calling themselves Princesses excuses their poor behavior? Who perpetuates this princess nonsense? It’s cute when the “Princess” is five years old, but a thirty year old woman wearing a tiara (everyday, not just for the wedding) with a rhinestoned tee that proclaims her a Princess, is just beyond sad.

Pepe/Meme… Potayto/Potahto

It’s all the same to me. Whether you call it a pepe or a meme (and I’m not really sure I grasp the distinction), you know I love it.

8 things I am looking forward to…
1. Planting the squash and bean seeds Saturday.
2. Finding a way to kick that rabbit’s ass out of my tomato patch. If someone suggests the gentle application of bird shot to the said bunny ass, I’ll not say nay.
3. Sewing a cover for my quilt cart.
4. Hanging the Birds of a Feather wall hanging up now that it’s complete… finally.
5. Finding a job. (I’m trying to be optimistic here. Sigh.)
6. Making a color wheel quilt sampler.
7. Cleaning/organizing the garage. (Yes, I am a sick, sick woman. I have accepted this and have long since become immune to the scorn and horror most people express at my little organization compulsion.)
8. Eating homegrown tomatoes this Summer.

8 things I did yesterday…
1. Tea- and coffee-stained some scrap fabrics for an Americana quilt sampler I’ve planned.
2. Coo-ed at the baby tomato plants in the back yard. They’re sweet.
3. Watched A Baby Story a few times. (Note to self: never watch four consecutive episodes of A Baby Story when… well… ever.)
4. Ate Taco Bell for lunch and El Nopal for supper. (Yeah, that’s Mexican food – sorta –  twice in one day.)
5. Suffered from food poisoning. (I’m thinking the Mexican food twice in one day had something to do with it. Maybe the two are members of different gangs. Or maybe you just shouldn’t mix fake-Mex with Cuban-Mex in one stomach.)
6. Went to Michael’s craft store and picked up a fabric pen.
7. Finished the Birds of a Featherwall hanging! Woohoo! (I’ll post pictures after I hang it.)
8. Job searched. 

8 things I wish I could do…
1. Travel.
2. Find a job.
3. Talk to my grandfather.
4. Find a man.
5. Get in shape.
6. Win the lottery!! (This one is impossible; I don’t play the lottery. Still, it’s a nice dream to just one day win millions out of the blue.)
7. Find a local pagan person or group I can talk with for more than 30 minutes without wondering if being a liberal is a requirement for being pagan. (And don’t get me started on pagan books!)
8. Get rid of my fear of public singing.

8 shows I watch…
1. Castle
2. Bones
3. House
4. Lie to Me
5. Dog the Bounty Hunter (Beth cracks me up.)
6. CSI: Las Vegas (This one almost didn’t make the list. I miss Gil.)
7. Quilting Arts
8. Judge Judy. (Don’t judge!)

Career Fair 2009

Well, now I know where to go to get a job.

BUT SERIOUSLY:  Remember the job I had lined up and ready for me to start just as soon as the owner got his stuff organized and finalized? His financing fell through. His backers backed away and his bank loan vanished.  He and his partner can’t afford to finance the new company and still feed their families. Unless a miracle happens, the company will never get off the ground. 

I’ve been looking for a job this entire time because I didn’t know when they’d need me.  I didn’t ever really consider whether or not they would need me.

So I’m back to searching without the promise that someday I’ll definitely have a job. Shit. You never really know how much you’ve counted on something happening someday until it’s snatched away.

PUNCH-DRUNK DESPERATION:  I was a great trumpet player in high school and college, good enough for scholarships to college. Maybe there’s a mariachi band somewhere…

The American Addiction

Would you be willing to end federal support of schools, Medicare, Social Security, student loans, and a plethora of other benefits we collectively receive from the feds? I would. Eagerly. Happily. Easily. I’ve always thought my opinion was in the minority. I’ve always thought that most people would be shocked at the notion of diminishing federal payables.

It’s one reason I’ve been so thrilled by the tea parties. I thought that perhaps I wasn’t so alone after all. I thought it was understood implicity that by removing socialism from the US, we’d remove the federal support of those programs. But now, I’m not so sure that the tea partiers understand this concept:

So long as any American’s position on the relationship between state and individual can be reduced to “Let’s just go back to the amount of socialism (and its necessary correlative theft from my fellow citizens) that I liked”, that American is just as deranged and just as pathetic as an alcoholic who, after a bad incident, vows to avoid hard liquor and only drink wine in the future.

I now believe that it’s not socialism the tea partiers are protesting, but Obama’s radical extension of socialism. Had Obama continued W’s slow slide deeper and deeper into socialism, would the tea parties have happened on Tax Day 2009? Had the economy not tanked would anyone have cared about Obama’s radical socialist expansion?

[Via The Smallest Minority.]

LATER: I think income taxation is slavery (among other things) and I consider progressive income taxation to be discriminatory. Just saying.

A LITTLE LATER: You should read all of the post I linked to and quoted from above. Pass it on. It’s a good one.