Stay on Target…

I’ve been working like mad to get the Birds of a Feather wall hanging complete. Man, the tips of my first fingers and thumbs are sore from the stitching. Here’s where I was a few days ago.

The top is almost complete!

The top is almost complete!


I should get the top completely done tonight. We’ll see. I’ve only got a week until my parents’ 40th anniversary, so I’ve got to quilt this thing in one giant hurry. I’ll post a pic of the completed top later.

It’s about 40″ x 24″. So it shouldn’t take too much time to quilt. Though… I’ve never quilted by hand before. Well, I’ve got a week to learn.

(This is a typical Prudie maneuver…  jump, both feet running, into a large project with a near deadline looming without any prior experience in the craft. Sigh.)


3 comments on “Stay on Target…

  1. Brigid says:

    That is just the most LOVELY structure of fabric and color. Beautiful.

  2. kookster says:

    that looks pretty cool.

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