It’s probably a good thing I don’t have children. I’m the type of woman who would dress her kids up for Halloween to make a political statement.

You know I’d totally dress my kids up like plague victims with fake boils and sores and blood and make then carry signs that read “My Mommy Didn’t Get Me Vaccinated” or  “My Mommy Stuck It To Big Pharma And All I Got Was This Lousy Plague” or “My Mommy Believed Jenny McCarthy Over My Pediatrician And Wouldn’t Let Him Vaccinate Me” or some such shit. I’m sick that way.

And then there’s the potential for Tea Party fun. I’d stand the kid up at a protest and give him/her a sign that read “Obama Took Money From My Piggy Bank” or “Obama Stole My Lunch Money” or “I’m Going To Pay For Your Retirement, You Lazy Bum” or “Because You Bailed Out Detroit I’ll Never Go To College” or something.

Yeah, probably better I don’t have kids.


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  1. pam says:

    ROFL!! I think this post will be with me all day…

  2. kookster says:

    I take it then you believe we should force parents to have their kids unnaturally injected with microorganisms.

    I’m only playing devils advocate here as my son is vaccinated. But once you have a kid and realize shear number of different types of vaccines they pump into their body, you would be foolish not to wonder if that is truly good for such a small person.

  3. thetwistedspinster says:

    When I was a small child I was vaccinated against all sorts of diseases including smallpox (yes, I still have the smallpox injection scar). And I turned out all right — besides, that third arm came in handy, and my bright scarlet skin and golden horns are intimidating to muggers and other criminals.

    Maybe I exaggerate slightly.

  4. Prudie says:

    “I take it then you believe we should force parents to have their kids unnaturally injected with microorganisms. ”

    You should take it that I believe that people who take Jenny McCarthy’s word over their doctor’s advice are idiots who are endangering the herd. The “science” against vaccination is often pseudo-science at best, quackery on a good day, and dangerous misinformation at worst. I’ve yet to read a review against modern vaccination that stands up to serious peer review.

    Yes, responsible parents should investigate every corner of their child’s health care. And having an investigative mind while doing so is a good thing. But believing every “doctor” and “expert” out there without considering qualifications, certifications, and education of the “expert” is shtupid. Again, it’s dangerous to the herd.

    And we all want a healthy herd, right? Because an unhealthy herd is dangerous to individuals.

  5. kookster says:

    I’m with you in that the smartest way to go is to get immunized. There are some very nasty things out there you put your kid at risk from if you don’t. However your logic is slightly flawed.

    If the rest of the herd is immunized they are not at risk of catching whatever disease your kid isn’t immunized from. It’s only your kid your risking.

    Maybe I’m too much of an idealist who believes in freedom and liberty and the right of parents to choose on every level of how they raise their kids and what they put into their bodies….

  6. Prudie says:

    Immunizations only work if most of the herd is vaccinated. (And by “most”, I mean a specific percentage that is really high, but I can’t remember what the percentage is right now. In the upper 90s I think.) You’re not just putting your own kid at risk by not vaccinating them, you’re putting all the other kids at risk when the non-immunized kid catches something to which the other kids are immune, then it mutates within the non-immunized kid and has no problem getting past your kid’s immunizations. That is science. That is reality. And that is putting the herd at risk, even the immunized portion of it.

    And yes, your immunized kid is at risk. But that’s not something the “experts” and celebrities don’t tell you when pumping up the hysteria.

    I think you’re assuming much about me without knowing me based on what little you get from a funny post or two. I never said I wanted to take away a parent’s right to choose.

    I think that parents should have the right to refuse immunizations. I just think that the majority of parents who don’t get their kids immunized are basing that decision on pseudo-science, illogical hysteria, and celebrity “experts.” Like I said earlier, that’s schtupid.

    And yes, you should be angry at it because it puts all of us at risk.

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