Here I Come to Save the Day!

Lots of people are trying to save the planet. I’m not entirely certain that the planet needs to be saved. At least, not in the way they mean. Oh sure, socialist and communist and downright stupid ideas seem to permeate most every corner of the globe. And we certainly need to save the planet from that. But that’s not what people mean when they say they want to save the planet.

No, they’re referring to some sort of catastrophic ecological disaster a high priestess or grand poobah of the environmental movement has predicted in their crystal ball. I can’t remember; is the current doom hypothesis the giant heat wave or the ice age? They keep changing their minds, so I can’t keep up.

Anyway. People are convinced that they can save the planet by doing small things. While it’s generally a good idea to not be terribly conspicuous in your consumption (for more reasons than just the environment), I’m not convinced that it will really matter one way or the other to the planet in the long run. I think that most things people do to save the planet won’t really matter in the long run. Cracked doesn’t think so either: 5 Ways People Are Trying to Save the World (That Don’t Work). My favorite part is about “organically grown” produce:

The funny thing about those chemical fertilizers and pesticides is that they were invented for a reason, and that’s to increase food production. Turns out organic farming is pretty damn inefficient. Holding hands and thinking peaceful thoughts does dick all against pests that want to eat your crops and weeds that want to choke them out. The current acre of farmland produces 200 percent more wheat than it did 70 years ago. The same goes for meat and poultry. The chemicals did that for us.

Take them away, and suddenly you’re getting less food per acre of land. According to some guy who won a Nobel Prize, we could feed 4 billion people if we went all organic. This sounds great except maybe to the 2.5 billion people who would be left without anything to eat.

Can I get an AMEN?


4 comments on “Here I Come to Save the Day!

  1. pam says:

    Amen, sister! LOL!

    Those people get on my last nerve.

  2. kookster says:

    This all depends. On a large farm sure chemicals will help a great deal. But if your doing backyard gardening on a small scale and have the time to pick bugs off yourself or spot treat issues with organic methods, you can be just as effective and eat healthier.

    To each his own.

  3. Prudie says:

    I tried that last year with my tomato crop. All my time and effort and money were wasted because of a horde of hornworms. This year, it’s chemical warfare on the little bastards.

  4. kookster says:

    haha, ya I got hit with hornworms too. Might not be the nicest, but I took a stick and pretended it was a wiffle ball bat and played some hornworm baseball. One spot I messed up was not playing close enough attention. Had I been looking on the underside of my leaves I would have found the hornworms long before they became a problem. Not just that but there was hornworm poop on my leaves and I just shrugged it off, not realizing where it was coming from. At least this year I’ll know the warning signs.

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