I’m not surprised by this at all. If you’re from the South, and if you’ve just casually debated someone (or worse, worked for someone) who is not from the South, you learn to expect this behavior. Though, I’ve never seen it so… blatant before. And it’s on camera, too. For someone who proclaims to be so smart, he sure was stupid to get caught saying this kind of junk on tape.

Like Mr. Glover says, they’ve apologized. The sixth paragraph of the elitist’s apology explains why perfectly: he got into trouble at some of the environmental organizations with which he is affiliated. Boo hoo.

LATER: You know what this reminds me of? Bitter Xenophobic Religious Rednecks. You know I’m never going to forget that, don’t you? Sumbitch.

MUCH LATER: Oh, and the junk about fat people? If you’re fat, you get that a lot, too. Though, that’s fairly easily spotted. And I’m not surprised that his wife takes advantage of desperate fat people  perpetuates the “obesity epidemic”  works in the “diet industry.”