Home Sweet Home Quilt

I’ve been quilting like mad lately. I’ve been working out of the Home Sweet Home book by Barb Adams and Alma Allen from Blackbird Designs. I’m working on the No Place Like Home Quilt. Here’s what my finished quilt will resemble.

No Place Like Home by Alma Allen

No Place Like Home by Alma Allen

I’ve used different and mostly darker fabrics, but the general folk look is the same. I’m almost done with the top to mine. I’ve got the center nine blocks together and three of the borders on. None of those million or so red scallops have been appliqued on yet. Though, they have been ironed into shape.

Since I’m doing the entire thing by hand (except the piecing) it’s taken me some time to get this far.  Ahem. I started it in September 2006. Don’t laugh! In my defense, for all of 2006, all of 2007, and a good bit of 2008, I did have tremors. So stitching was impossible most of the time. But now, I really don’t have an excuse not to finish it since the tremors are gone.

The downside of doing so much hand stitching lately is that my fingertips are sore from the needle, both from pinching it and from sticking myself with it.  Also, I’m sitting more than I usually do, which can make me a little stir crazy at times.

The upside is that my quilt top is almost complete! I’ll post pictures of what I’ve completed thus far in future posts.


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  1. pam says:

    That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see images of what you’ve created…!

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