The Opposition

I’ve been mostly silent about politics recently on this blog. Oh, I’ve comment here and there about the mess in Washington, but I’ve mostly kept away from the fray. Until today, I wasn’t sure why. But now I’ve realized I was afraid.

Oh, I’m not like the loony leftists who ranted and raved about W silencing free speech or any of that. I’m not afraid of losing my life for speaking out. I’m afraid because when I look across the world, I see where we’re headed.

In the UK, I see cameras on every street corner and people unable to defend themselves.

In France and the Netherlands, I see a violent extremist minority who frightens entire countries into submission.

In Europe, I see an entire region mired by taxation and regulation.

In Japan, I see a country whose past closely resembles our present and whose present resembles nothing I want for my country.

In Venezuela, I see a dictator who consolidated his power to such an extent that it was impossible for his opposition to gain enough ground to elect any one else.

In the US, I see the seeds of all of the above in Obama. It scares me for my country.

When he was first elected, I thought that four years wasn’t enough for him to do too much damage. I’ve assumed that in two years, he’d be rendered completely ineffectual because of a traditional conservative surge in the House and Senate. His first two weeks in office have made me doubt my assumptions. His recent power grabs have consolidated in me a belief that far left liberals will remain in power for quite some time.

Like I said, it scares me. It scares me to think about it. It’s not comfortable writing about it, which is why I’ve largely avoided it. I know where we’re headed. I see the genesis of it in Obama. And I know how ineffectual conservative movements are elsewhere in the world.

I’ve decided that I can’t stay silent. That’s how they win. That’s how they convince others that their leftist ideas are in the majority, that there’s no real opposition to the erosion of liberty, that there is no one else out there questioning the fear-mongering or the power-grabbing or the double-talking or the taxing or the spending or any other bit of nonsense they push.

So I am the opposition. You are the opposition. We are not alone.

Let’s give ’em hell.