Well, Now I Know…

Well. Now I know why Democrats don’t mind raising taxes. They don’t pay taxes.

Snerk. I overheard that on Fox News just now while I was stitching block 8. I love it. I don’t know who said it, but I laughed and laughed and laughed at it.

Really, though. (Abrupt change of topic alert!) If Our Lord and Master is going to bring change  to Washington politics, shouldn’t he begin by, you know, changing the people in Washington politics? I certainly thought that was what he meant.

I mean, if the same old people are going to be running things, what change is that exactly? Are they themselves suddenly changed by The Master’s presidency? Have they suddenly changed their opinions and procedures by The Master’s ascension? If they haven’t changed their opinions or the way they do business, then what change, exactly, is that? And if they have changed, is this some sort of religious conversion?

It just seems like the same old people are getting all the appointments. That is change exactly how?