I’m Just A Flag Waving American

Excuse me whilst I feel a moment of superiority.

Why is it that now, after the Obama election win, liberals suddenly discover their patriotism? All of a sudden, flags are the must have accessory for both home and body. All of a sudden, sniffing at the nation anthem is perfectly acceptable.

I remember when flags and anthem sniffing were laughed at and scorned by the liberal elite. That was, you know, a few months ago. I don’t get it. Does the patriotism of some depend so much upon the Commander in Chief’s policies? Mine does not.

I was patriotic then. I will continue to be patriotic. I’ve always loved America. I will always love America. I may not be happy with a direction it has taken or a person it has elected, but my support and love will always be there, unwavering. So the new conversion of some to patriotism has me scratching my head a bit.

NOTE: The title of this post is the title of a song from the play, I Love America. I love the song, it’s a cheeky bit of patriotism that unashamedly boasts of the country’s greatness. It’s the kind of thing that drives Europeans and liberals nuts. Or at least, it used to drive liberals nuts. Hmp. It’s lost half of its fun if it doesn’t.

4 comments on “I’m Just A Flag Waving American

  1. pam says:

    Like for about a year after 9/11… people had flags sticking out of every orifice… as if they had just found their patriotism.

    I scratched my head and went about my business. Got me.

  2. jonolan says:


    A lot of people did “find” their patriotism in the wake of 9/11. America had become very complacent and many people didn’t recognize their own love of country – until a vicious attack from an outside enemy woke them up.

    It wasn’t that they weren’t patriotic before. It was – IMHO – that their patriotism was implicit and almost unconscious. 9/11 brought it to the front of their minds, in many cases for the first time.

    It’s often like that for civilians and I actually think that’s a good thing.

  3. mcgehee says:

    (In response to the comments above): For all that though, there was a lefty who wrote a column in the AJC within a couple of months of 9/11 complaining about all the flags and flag decals that had sprung up, polluting his viewshed on the road with all that politicized patriotism and Bush-worship (or whateverTF was the stick up his drainspout about it).

    I wrote a letter to the AJC saying I hoped that guy would be stuck in a traffic jam behind me and that my flag decal would burn itself into his brain so he would see it in his sleep for years afterward.

    They didn’t print it.

  4. jonolan says:


    Whenever Americans come together and express their love for their country there will also be liberals gathering to complain about it.

    In the liberal mind – until Jan 20th, 2009 – patriotism = nationalism, something that they despise since it went against their desire for a “diverse” global state.

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