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It’s gotta be hard, carrying around all that angst. I guess that’s what happens when you define your beliefs by hating your opponents.

I don’t understand why teens are the only ones who will be fined if they drive while texting. Everyone should be fined for it.

lolcats are more than 100 years old!  IZ AULD KITTEH!

Obama’s ego is truly enormous. Why, it is so large I’m amazed it doesn’t ooze out his ears. He’s so full of it. Ego, that is. (Though, if anyone were to suggest that he’s full of something else, I’ll not say nay.)

GAH!!! Earworm… must… destroy….

Upon the finer points of shootin’  irons and pork chops… Amen.

Obama’s nomination of Clinton is a “harbinger of how Obama will approach the Constitution while President.” Say it ain’t so.

Did you know that you can send a postcard (free!) to our troops? You can. You should. Go to.

More questions about Obama’s Hawaiian birth… Oy.

Don’t rely on climate models! Maurizio lists many excellent reasons why it’s not a good idea. I’d add that they’re too easily manipulated by unscrupulous people to be more than a single data point (within an entire data set). Also, technology hasn’t progressed enough that we can accurately model such a complex system as climate. Hell, we can barely do a half-assed job of modeling streamflow conditions. And people think we’ve accurately predicted that the temperature is going to rise by 0.7534oF (or whatever it is) within a decade? Please.

Ikea sells Rudolph balls at Christmas. Gawd, I love that Swedish FUCK YOU mentality. They just don’t care. Reminds me of some rednecks I know…

Velociman thinks Greta over at Fox News is a man in drag. I dunno. If Greta were a man, she’d be prettier. Just sayin’.

Hell with it. Throw all the money over the side. Why stop now?


Clicked OFF

Or, The Little Suicide Switch

I was disabled recently. I haven’t mentioned it much here. Eventually I’ll get around to writing about the whole mess, I’m sure. It was a mess of gigantic proportions.

For right now, I’ll just say that I was unable to work, unable to control my own body, and unable to support myself. Most days, thanks to a “throw medications at it and hope something works because we don’t know what the hell is wrong” approach from various doctors, I was unable to leave my bed. For almost 2 years, I was in hell. I wanted to die. I don’t write that lightly, or use it to emphasize how bad it was.

I truly wanted to die. And I spent a lot of time, trapped in bed, planning exactly how I would kill myself.

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Gone, Baby, Gone

Yeah, I fired my Editors. Like I said to Kurt, the Editors were getting a little expensive. And they have quite a list of demands in exchange for editing my blog.

I mean, where am I supposed to find doilies these days? And do you now how much smelling salts cost? I can’t even afford to keep them in good English tea. Forget about biscuits. And I’m not talking about southern, American biscuits you can buy at McDonald’s; oh no. They demand these English things they call biscuits  but are really some weird combination of a cookie and a cracker. Tasteless shit, that. 

So yeah. The little old ladies are out in the cold. To tell you the truth, they were getting on my nerves. I mean, I have enough trouble with my Biological Clock waking me up at 2AM. I don’t need the Editors on my back about babies, too.

And don’t even get me started on the cost of frilly lace-edged aprons.