Sign of the Times

I’ve lived in this subdivision since 2006. My parents have been here since 2002. And until a few days ago, no one in this neighborhood has ever been evicted from their home. And yesterday, it was a sheriff-come-out-and-throw-your-stuff-out-on-the-yard eviction, too. Nasty stuff, that.

It’s sad, all their stuff sitting there on the main drag of the subdivision, exposed to the elements, deer, dogs, feral rabbits, and whatnot. I hope they have somewhere to go; I think they do since there was a large caravan of cars at the house carting stuff away yesterday.

Some of their belongings are still out on the yard, piled up in a big mess. At this point, I don’t even know if they’re going to come back and get the remainder. It’s sad.

I hope it doesn’t happen again.