Worst Case

Argh. Why doesn’t the press demand this info? Oh wait. I forgot; they want Obama to win. Next?

Oy. This is chilling. And I can’t really refute any point in any significant way. *Sigh.*

I’m voting first thing tomorrow morning. Then I’m going to shut off the computer, unplug the TV, hide the radio, and stick my nose into books for the next day or two. I’ll reappear briefly to do some therapeutic cooking after someone calls to moan about Obama’s win. I’ll meditate after the second call complaining about the Big O. After the third call, I’ll leave the phone off the hook.

Blogging? Pbbbbbt. Not gonna happen until I get my mental shit in order. After an Obama win, we’re all going to need to be at the top of our game to make sure that everything doc Russia predicts in the chilling link above doesn’t happen. Or at least, if it does happen, we’ll all need to be there to expose it. New marching orders, I suppose.

And if you don’t hear anything from me after a long-shot McCain win, it’ll be because I’m still passed out on the living room floor, rendered unconscious from the shock.