Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Apparently not.

At least, Alec Baldwin is upset at all the acrimony and bitterness:

“If John McBush and Bible Spice win, we have to find a way to come together as a country, because we can’t let it be the way it’s been the last 8 years where there’s been this acrimony and this bitterness. We have to find a way somehow to do that.”

Had he actually, you know, used McCain’s and Palin’s names instead of the ridiculous nicknames he thought up, I might be more inclined to think he was serious about wanting more peace ‘n luv in in the US.

And really, as so many people have pointed out, comparing Bush to McCain is laughable and really only serves to stir up that certain segment of the population infected with Bush Derangement Syndrome.


5 comments on “Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. pam says:

    Bible Spice? I actually kinda like that. LOL!

  2. Prudie says:

    Yeah, that’s clever in a condescending kind of way.

  3. Micheal says:

    Wasn’t he suppose to have moved to Canada or some other sociialist country during the last election? Huh, funny how liberals don’t keep their promises.

  4. do you mean the verbal child abuser Alec Baldwin, Prudie? HIm?

    Isn’t he already a pirahha, shunned by all?

  5. Prudie says:

    The place I linked does mention the verbal abuse… hee. They’re so mean. I love it.

    Are you kidding? The way the media slobbers all over him, you’d think he solved third-world hunger.

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