The Twelve Hour Wait

Four years ago I voted for president on the last day of early voting, the Friday before the Big Tuesday Vote. Which makes today my four year anniversary of sitting on the floor of the Gwinnett County Justice Center for 8 hours waiting to vote for W. If you count the time I stood in line, waiting to get a number to be able to sit on the floor to wait for my turn to vote, I spent a little over 12 hours in the Gwinnett County Justice Center waiting to vote for W 4 years ago.

Of course, on Big Tuesday four years ago, my parents walked right in and out. It seems that the long lines I’d anticipated on Big Tuesday didn’t happen. Everybody anticipated long lines on Big Tuesday, and so everyone showed up for advance voting. That’s what I get for planning ahead.

I’m hoping that the same happens this year, ’cause I’m waiting until Tuesday to vote. If the lines people are enduring today is any indication, it will be an easy walk in and out on Tuesday.

Oh and congrats to Gwinnett County! Four years ago I waited 12+ hours on the Friday before Big Tuesday. Today, people are waiting 8 hours. Way to go Gwinnett! Maybe four years from now they’ll shave another 4 hours off and get the early voting line down to a 4 hour wait.

I am proud to share that the county I now live in, Cobb, has only a 4 hour wait today. So suck it, Gwinnett. Success lives where? Gwinnett is great? Yeah, great  at meaningless catch phrases and successful  in inept planning. Pbbbbt.

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  1. pam says:

    I’m waiting to vote because my polling place is basically across the road from my house. I won’t have to change to walk across the asphalt and punch the whateverwhosit.

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