It’s a Swarm of Psychotherapists!! Run!!!1!!

Pam linked a post at Velociworld the other day. I’ve been keeping track of the comments on another post and have a few thoughts about them.

Most of them are of the completely hilarious “OMG!!! Evil RACIST riGhT WinGer!!!11!!!” or “I HATE YOU!!!!!1111!!!onesy” or Bush Derangement Syndrome kind. I take a special delight in those, I admit. Writing something fun, and watching others go apeshit over it, gives me a special thrill. And watching it happen to someone else gives me a little vicarious thrill, too. So yeah, I blog for shit like that (until it goes too far – been there done that, but that’s another blog post).

A lot of the comments are of the “get therapy/medication” kind, which is something I don’t laugh about at all. A few of the comments go so far as to diagnose what particular psychological disorder they think the V-man has. This pisses me off.

Using a disease to refute an argument or mock another is simply reprehensible. Do we make fun of people who have cancer? We do not. Do we make fun of others by falsely claiming they have cancer? Of course not. Neither is acceptable. So why do people use mental disorders to mock others, even when the person mocked doesn’t have the disorder? It’s ugly.

It’s callous to people who really do suffer from mental disorders. Not only do they have to suffer from a disorder that is probably emotionally painful, is probably embarrassing, is probably not very well understood by doctors/society, and likely has no clear treatment, they also have to suffer people using their disorder as a tool with which to mock people. It cheapens and mocks their suffering. And I won’t stand for it. For crying out loud, think.

(And no, this is not me projecting or preaching about my own psychological issues. It’s a pet peeve that’s guaranteed to get me all het up.)

I find it interesting that many commenters think having conservative views is a symptom of a psychological disorder. I hadn’t realized that idea was being peddled in the extreme left circles. Though, I suppose it was only a matter of time before the “Thought Police” began finding a way to make conservative thought a crime a la “Hate Crime.”

The commenters comparing the post to porn also intrigued me. I don’t get it. Oh, though I hate it when people use mental illnesses to mock, I understand that it’s common to do so. And I understand why it’s important for the extreme left to label conservative views as part of a psychological disorder. I don’t agree with the opinions, but I understand them. I just don’t get the porn connection. (Though…  I did find the comparison to snuff porn very revealing about the commenter.) Someone please explain!

Oh, and V-man’s reply to all that nonsense is hilarious. Some people just don’t understand hyperbole.

One comment on “It’s a Swarm of Psychotherapists!! Run!!!1!!

  1. pam says:

    “many commenters think having conservative views is a symptom of a psychological disorder.”

    This is one of the most ridiculous and difficult to understand aspects of liberal’s behavior. I had a friend of almost 20 years email me with “…you’re just so wrong on EVERYTHING!” and now we don’t make contact.

    Yep. I must be deranged because I’m a conservative.

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