Random Snerketh

And lo, Prudence was sad. For her inspiration was also low;

43 And Prudence returned again to linkage, that which required only clicking, to fill her empty blog;

44 And she decided to also return to the old saw, in which she kinda  plagiarizes the sacred works of her former religion. 

45 But Prudence was afraid, for she did not want to link any whose words were political, for she was sorely tired of such bitter fighting. But the inspiration and light of the Goddess came to Prudence and Prudence knew that she could find links to words of joy  and glee  without linking to any containing words from the Messiah or the Old Guy. 

46 So Prudence did search for links.

47 Prudence found the dogs which are upside down, because dogs right side up aren’t always funny. The Goddess did laugh at the pictures for the Goddess has a sense of humor, especially when one of her favorite earth-bound creatures appears to fly and hit the ceiling.

48 Prudence found that cat spelled backwards doesn’t spell God, which she thought was obvious, but was amused nonetheless.

49 Prudence found Ginger, the cat who would be President. And Prudence did laugh at scratching the economy’s butt.

50 Prudence did wonder how much of her own odd humor was gained while she was in engineering school. But Prudence dismissed the idea that weirdness is gained with an engineering degree, for Prudence has always been weird.

51 Prudence did find from another WhoHead, the Spinster who is Twisted, that the power of boobies compels you. And Prudence was ashamed that she understood this parody and thought it hilarious.

52 Prudence found the French Dalek and wondered why no one before had thought to combine Doctor Who and Monty Python.