I Saw Her On HDTV…

… and she’s not that pretty.

During the Olympics, I was at WalMart in the electronics section. Predictably enough, they had the Olympics on these huge HDTVs. I won’t name names*, but one Olympian whom I previously thought was cute, turned out to have both a butter face and a crater face.

Which is why I don’t want an HDTV any longer. Oh sure, I’m positive that watching Planet Earth on HDTV would be spectacular. And I’m positive that there are a great many movies that would greatly be enhanced on an HDTV.

But that’s part of the problem. I just don’t watch Planet Earth that often. I do, however, watch Survivor an awful lot. Can you imagine how horrible the bimbos and himbos on that show are going to look in a few episodes? We’re only a few episodes in and already they look rough.

In HDTV? No thanks. I’ll do without. It’s not like it’s a question anyway. I can’t afford it. Still. If I could afford it, I wouldn’t get one.


LATER: And as some bloggers have observed this political season, HDTV has not been kind to many of the candidates.

*Post Note: Why won’t I name names about the ugly kid Olympian? Well, the issue is complicated for me. Oh sure, if it was a celebrity, even a child celebrity, I’d have no problem being a mean nasty bitch about the ugly celebrity. But the kid on TV was a teenager and an athlete. Now, being an athlete won’t save you from the depths of my bitchitude (see my earlier comments on some other post about Michael Phelps’ stupidity as an example). And neither will being a kid save you. But this was a kid who was poor, ugly, crater/butter-faced, and stupid.

And she was using her athletic ability to pay for college. I have nothing but respect for that since I was the very same in college. Well, I used music to pay for most of my college when I was poor, ugly, crater/butter-faced, stupid, and fat. So I feel some simpatico with the kid. Thus, no naming the ugly kid’s name.


2 comments on “I Saw Her On HDTV…

  1. pam says:

    Withholding butter/crater face’s name is very nice of you, Prudie. Really! ;)

  2. Prudie says:

    lol… Yeah, I’m patting myself on the back for it. I’m such a softie. :D

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