Indoctrination 101

I’ve often said that if I have kids, they won’t go to a government school. Kids today are hit with Socialist propaganda everywhere. At the very least, I can insure that they receive an education that balances all the nonsense they’re going to get from the rest of the world. (Also, government schools do not teach necessary skills like critical thinking and decision making. And often they teach according to their particular political ideology and not according to the books. Anyway.)

William Staneski over at the American Thinker wrote an article that perfectly illustrates why I remain so resolute in that decision.

And yeah, the father of those future kids had better agree; it’s not something on which I’m willing to compromise. The number of kids, discipline methods, and many other parental decisions are up for negotiation. Education is not. Frankly, if my future husband (assuming I have one someday) and I can’t afford private schooling or home schooling, then I don’t want kids. I firmly believe that if you can’t raise your children properly, it’s better not to have them. We have enough screwed up, uneducated, backward-thinking people in the world as it is. I refuse to contribute to the problem.

Oh sure, it’s possible to do everything right in the parental playbook and still end up with a messed up child. But knowing from the get go that you’re going to do things wrong? It’d be kinder to let the kid run with scissors or play with your loaded gun.

I’ll get off my soap box now.

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One comment on “Indoctrination 101

  1. pam says:

    Hundreds of thousands of other parents agree. You can tell by all the home schooling and private schools,including parochial. If I had a child now not only would it be a miracle [!] but I’d be sending him to parochial school, even if it meant moving.

    It’s scary out there in the socialist schools.

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