Prudie, Sellout

Every July I complain. Hobby Lobby has Christmas merchandise out already. Man, can’t we get through July 4th without Garden Ridge putting Christmas lights out? 

By the time September gets here, I’m sick of Christmas glitter. By October, I’m ready to gouge out the eyes of every inflated Santa I pass. And by Thanksgiving, I’m in full Scrooge mode, capable of bah humbugging the cheeriest elf into a depression so deep it takes years of therapy, mountains of medications, and oceans of coffee to get keep the poor little bugger from jumping off the nearest cliff.

Normally, any other year, I would heartily endorse the plans of Suldog (whom I found over at Pam’s site): to boycott anything Christmas related until after Thanksgiving.

But this year… Well, I have a confession. Your Prudie has sold out to whatever evil minion controls the early onset of Christmas merchandise. I have, in fact, joined his dark crusade and am now selling Christmas merchandise at Cafepress with the Dark Lord’s other misguided miscreants.

Such is the shame I feel at my actions that I would go to Cafepress this very minute and remove the offending items from my inventory… except I desperately need the moolah I might make.

Even more odious… I hesitate to even confess this, but I have plans of adding more merchandise

I know! Who knew that lusty revelry with the Evil One would seem so benign? I’ve never conspired with the Ancient Depths before; I certainly thought there’d be more to it. Blood perhaps? Maybe even something sexual? It seems a great deal more innocent than I expected.

I suppose, as it stands right now, my transgressions are not too terrible. You see, the merchandise I now sell is more Winter themed than Christmas themed, but I am working on more Christmas/Santa/Yule stuff.

[Currently, I have the Death of a Snowman items for sale, which are more Winter than Christmas. Frosty doesn’t really have much to do with the holiday; he’s more of a seasonal item. But I do have the Big Red Ornament items, and that is most definitely a Christmas/Yule tree, albeit a bent one.]

I know! I feel rotten, but not rotten enough to take it all down. And not nearly rotten enough to stop working on the Christmas/Yule merchandise.

So, maybe next year I’ll participate in the boycott. This year, I’m one step above eating cat food and there’s money to make in merchandise.

[Ahem. If you like the items I have for sale at Cafepress and decide to buy an item or two… it’ll be our secret. I certainly won’t tell.]


3 comments on “Prudie, Sellout

  1. pam says:

    OH, Prudie! How could you? LOL! Capitalism is my dark lord; I say sell, Prudie, sell!!

    I just don’t like the major stores shoving it in my face come October 1st. It’s not right, dangit. By Christmas I’m so sick of it all the joy is gone, and I hate that…. but people have to follow a link or search cafepress to find stuff, so I think that’s just dandy. ;)

  2. Prudie says:

    Pam! I never would have guessed that you joined us in our dark and mysterious rites. Woohoo! I did say that they seemed innocent…


  3. Suldog says:

    Well, I appreciate the link to my article, even if you aren’t participating :-) Thanks!

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